NME reports that:
"CHEMICAL BROTHERS are reported to have enlisted RICHARD ASHCROFT to appear on a track which may feature on their new album. Speaking in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the dance duo said that Ashcroft was one of the vocalists on the as-yet-untitled new album, which according to Tom Rowlands, will "blow your mind"."
That is the collaboration we have waited for... God knows you´re lonely souls, yeah, yeah. Anyone know when the album is due?


Added 'New York' from the Stockholm gig. You can find it in the rare section. Seems that 'Everybody' (in the same section) is from the Brixton gig that took place 21st Feb 2001 (thanks for the date Marcus).


Added 'New York' from the David Letterman Show and and an amazing acoustic take on 'Everybody' in the rare section. If anyone knows when and where it is recorded, please send me a mail.
I have also added links to two new Richard Ashcroft sites. You can find them in the links section.

  We have once again suffered from web server voodoo. I have uploaded the mp3:s to another server and this time it will work. Check out the rare section as I have added a mp3 of 'History' from V2000.

The Cast No Shadow site has been subject to a major make over these past few weeks. The content is basically the same as before but has been revised. The span of material surrounding Richard Ashcroft is huge and basically the same on every site. Therefore I have tried to maintain a focus on material that isn´t commonly found on other Richard Ashcroft sites. Check out the 'rare' and the 'pics' sections and you will see what I mean.

The 'music' section contains both a complete discography, complete lyrics and chords and streaming audio from every song released by Richard Ashcroft as a solo artist.
The 'words' section features both eyewitness reports from gigs as well as album and single reviews.

Hopefully the site will be easier to use with the new design and that you all come back here in the future for even more rare sounds, more news and information from and with Richard Ashcroft. If you have any questions, contributions or something to say - feel free to give me a mail...and yes, it´s shite in Netscape...


  A review of fridays Brixton gig has been added. Thanks Nic!
  Richard is taking part in the Red Hot AIDS Benefit Auction. Place your bids ladies and gentlemen, some signed photos here.

Click here for the exclusive Richard Ashcroft interview and Brixton Academy webcast!!

The webcast from Brixton and an interview is up at the MTV.co.uk site. Use the banner on the left.
  The Brixton gigs seem to have been alright, you can watch fridays concert from the official site (the stream is alright). Rumours say Richard smashed his guitar at the end of saturdays concert, furious because he couldnīt get it in tune...pity they donīt webcast that gem. MTV.com has some exclusive live clips on their site. Click the banner to the left and go there.
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