Merry Christmas kids!
Richard Ashcroft sends his wishes through a shockwave file on the official site. You can view it using this link. In it he reports that he is currently recording new songs for a new album and that the new official site will be launched "soon".

I have added a review of the Detroit show from the 21st Jan 2001. You can find it in the words section (thanks Nathan!).


Here comes the sun!

The Independent.co.uk has an article where famous friends and fans display their grief and pay tribute to George Harrison. You can read Mr Ashcroft´s contribution here. Some quotes that I thought you might want to read (thanks Ezra):

"Yesterday I went into the studio. One of the songs I rehearsed with my band begins with that three-note variation on D-chord that starts "Here Comes The Sun" and "If I Needed Someone" that George made his own.

Every night I sing "Here Comes the Sun" to my 19-month-old son. He loves it, like me, another generation inspired by George Harrison and The Beatles."

Also, if you´re interested in playing 'The Test' at home on your guitar: the verses are in C and for the choruses and the end, C Dm Bb F... Have Fun!






Did I pass?

Cast No Shadow proudly presents The Chemical Brothers and Richard Ashcroft song 'The Test' in the rare section! Just right click, download to your precious hard drives and unzip the file. Oh, did I mention that the song which is included on the Chemical Brothers album 'Chemical Four' is planned be released January 2002?! Well, here it is for you people, three months ahead...

My friend Stephan sent me a picture of his tattooed chest. Check it out in the pictures section.

I scanned through my links section and noticed a lot of the Ashcroft sites are down. Ah, well, Cast No Shadow is still up and running and what else do you need?Sad though cuz some of the sites were quite good. Anyway, the links are cleaned up. Take a look.

Also, please feel free to mail me your stories. Im planning a fans dept in the words section. Please send me reviews of concerts, your feelings on the chemical cooperation and how you would like the next album to sound. If you´ve got something to say I will put it on the site.

//Pierre [endymion@voxway.com]