Single expected in August!

After the press conference from the '4 Scott' event a few questions on the album was asked to Richard by the Sun. In it he talks about the new album as something in widescreen. He expects to release a single in August and the album we all are waiting for should be out in September. No names are yet given to neither the songs nor the album.

Also, 'The Test' is released as a single today. Go out and buy it, kids. Take it to the charts!

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Brian Wilson collaboration and more on '4 Scott'

Some very exciting news about the new album is posted on the Xfm site. Go there via this link. There is also a little piece there on the '4 Scott' gig. Ashcroft played 'Bittersweet Symphony', 'Lucky Man' and 'You On My Mind'. You can also find info on this from NME. I will add this info to the words section later this week and hopefully some new mp3:s as well.


Surprise gig! Tomorrow night!

NME reports that Richard Ashcroft is the latest addition to a charity concert i London tomorrow night. There is a '4 Scott' concert in the memory of a deceased music industry profile called Scott Piering, who died from cancer in 2000.


The Test [vid] + Richie rocking your sox off

I saw the video for the Test yesterday but there was no Richard Ashcroft in sight. Visit the Chemical Brothers site on the Raft instead. There you will see him rocking about in the Chemical´s studio. Click here, then on 'artists & labels', 'c', click 'Chemical Brothers', then click on the media called 'Come With Us' and after about six minutes you will see a thin man with great hair rocking the Test while the Chems say they 'just held on to the mixing desks'...

The Test!

The official Chemical Brothers site reports: "'Come With Us'/ 'The Test' will be released as a double A-side on the 15th April 2002."

Yes. Finally.

News on the album!
Canadian website Jam! has an interview and an article on their site. I have added them to the words section. There you will also find all the info I have on the new album. You should go there. Now.
Thanks Jordan!

Ezra on the VIN posted a link to some audio excerpts from another interview. Once again Ezra, thanks. In the interview he says among other things that the new album probably will be out in September...

...and the other song is called...
According to NME the other new song that was played in the Royal Albert Hall was called 'Nature Of The Law' (thanks Thomas). I will post more info as soon as I get it...