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Tape CD-R Trading List

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Trade ? Mail me: gunro.russel@goteborg.utfors.se

Note: I'm not very interested in a tape trade unless it is something extraordinary. Since I bought my CD-burner my interest in tapetrading is about 0,2. I'm very open for a CD-R trade though.

Sorry, but I don't have the time to dub for blanks right now !!

Quality ratings used:
10. Excellent quality. Soundboard- or FM recording Comparable to official release.
  9. Very good SB.
  8. Excellent audience recording.
  7. Very good.
  6. Good.

Some use the ratings A,B and C. Compared to my ratings I guess that 7-10 would be an A, 4-6 B and 1-3 C.

- I use only high quality CD's like Verbatim, TDK or Kodak and I expect the same from you. I DON'T accept Lead cd's or no-names.
- I send the CD's without cases.
- I send CD inserts with e-mail.