Un jour dans di milles ans

Composition Rémi Dumoulin. Loïc Dequidt Piano, Peter Rousu Bass, Anders Ramhede Drums, Kullabygdens symphony orchestra, Conductor Lars Löfgren

Falling from the top of the world

Composition Hans Olding. Personel as above.


Composition and altosax T. Trulsson, Mattias Carlson tenorsax, Elias Källvik guitar, Peter Rousu bass, Anders Vestergård drums.

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Here´s a clip from the jazzclub in Helsingborg, 20th october -07. It´s one of my tunes called Dark side and is played by me, Inge Peterson, Mattias Hjort och Anders Vestergård.


Trulsson TRIO+ Feat. painter Martin Severinson. Peter Rousu Bass, Olle Bohm drums. Höganäs culturenight 18/9-04


-Gustav and the seasick sailors- Brilliant hands-2008

-Liberator- Ring the alarm- 2008

-Matti & anrika roots- Realeased 5/3-05. I play alto- bari- and sopranosax. More info

-Ever since day one-. I play my barytonsax on four tracks. A skaband from Boston.

-The Hi Hats-. A skaband I played with for a couple of years. Recorded in Metropolis studios outside Boston.