Tomas Trulsson


12 Maj

Great news! I have received a grant from the Swedish State Arts Council for a collaboration with the composer Anna-Lena Laurin. She will write a 30-minute work for symphony orchestra and Organic Vibes. Estimated to premiere in the fall 2011. It is incredibly exciting.

I have also had the great pleasure of getting two great alto mouthpieces from Mouthpiece café. One N.Y. Cafe Bros and one Espresso. They are modelled after old classic pieces from Meyer and Selmer. The cafe bros is modelled after Meyers and its a great piece that resonates with a big warm tone and still with a good edge. The Espresso isn´t in production for alto which is a shame because it has become a favourite of mine. Easy played with an even big sound throughout the horn. Its quite different from the Cafe bros which is why I think they should make the piece. If you are interested go check them out and ask for the alto Espresso.

14 January

Our (Organic Vibes) CD is spreading throughout the world, now its available on Itunes. And we are working hard to get to a place near you....


3 December

I havent updated this page for a while due to the fact that I bought a new computer and lost a bunch of information that I needed to update the site. But now it works just fine.

Yesterday we (Organic Vibes) had a releaseparty for our new CD "Glue". It was a wonderful evening with lots of people and lots of music. The CD is available worldwide at CDbaby and soon on Itunes and other web-stores. To get a CD for your collection just follow the link to CDbaby:

Organic Vibes: Glue

20 Augusti

At last our concert we did 1th of April, with Organic Vibes, is going to be aired on Swedish National Radio. 22nd of September at 19:30 station SR P2, if you are in Sweden.

This last weekend we finally completed the recording of our (Organic Vibes) first CD and its of to be mixed. So the process is started and the CD will be seing the light of day some time in the near future.

4 Juli

Tomorrow I´m playing a really nice gig with my old friend Martin Fabricius at the Literaturhaus during the Copenhagen jazzfestival. Lots of nice music from Martin and some of mine aswell. You are truly welcome!!

27 May

Time to update again. Sorry for not doing it more often. The recording with Organic Vibes went really great. The band was smokin' and the sound was great thanks to very good studio guys. They made me play into an old Neumann microphone from 1975 and seriously, I have never sounded that good on a recording before.

Right now we keep working on our CD and on booking Organic Vibes for various venues. We are also doing clinics/workshops for those who are interested. If you are interested just send me a mail or give me a call.

12 Januari

Thanks to all of you who has helped me make 2008 a great year, now come along and let´s make 2009 even better. Right now we are working hard with our band, Organic Vibes, and allready great things are happening. On the first of April we are playing/recording live in studio at Swedish national radios studio 7 in Malmö. We are looking forward to that and I´ll post more info later on.


8 October

Time to update this site. Summer session was a fantastic trip .and very, very inspiring. Just to get to play with 'Tain' Watts, talk to brother Yusef Lateef, have lunch with Miroslav Vitous and listen to his stories about invisible dragons living in the sky......

And all these great danish musicians to play and hang with. Damn great! . Sam Yahel impressed me much. Buy his albums, they are really great. Hes also one of the best instructors I´ve met.

We are also in the process of booking Organic Vibes for next year. Hard work in these poor times!.

6 August

So the vacation is coming to an end and it is time to work and give all the students some new words of wisdom.

But first I will leave for the Summer Session on sunday. It´s going to be very interesting to meet the faculty. How about Yusef Lateef, Jeff 'Tain' Watts, Miroslav Vitous, Sam Yahel, Adam Rudolph, joyce and Per Jørgensen.

However before I leave I´m playing at Mölle krukmakeri. The drummer, Måns Allroth, put together a trio with me and the bassplayer David Andersson.

Be sure to check in on Organic Vibes Myspace-page. We have put up the whole concert from Ängelholms jazzfestival. Watch, listen and enjoy.

3 June

31st of May, Organic Vibes played at the jazzfestival in Ängelholm and we were smokin'. Real nice weather, cold drinks, barbeque and 100% Organic Vibes. Hope to get som video up soon.

What else is new? On saturday we are playing for the Swedish princesses as they are opening up an exhibition at the Sofiero castle.

Also got the great news that I will attend the summer session in Denmark in august. The instructors are Yusef Lateef, Jeff 'Tain' Watts, Miroslav Vitous, Sam Yahel, Adam Rudolph, joyce and Per Jørgensen. I´m really looking forward to that.

7 May

So the summer came early to Sweden, I really hope the nice weather continues. Well thats pretty much all I had for you international folks, except I added a concert-clip in the audio section so feel free to look around and listen to it. And please write me an email or sign my guestbook.

24 February

The recording session with the organ quartet, named Organic Vibes, went really well. So that we will play at the Ängelholm jazzfestival 31 May.

10 January

A new year has begun and I´m already working hard to plan this year. At the end of january I will record with a organ quartet which is going to be very exciting. I´ll tell you more later on.


10 October

Check out the new free lesson I posted on, It´s a lesson about chordtone soloing.

Also come to the Helsingborg jazzclub the 20 october and listen to my quartet with me, Inge Peterson tenorsax, Mattias Hjort bass and Anders Vestergård drums.

13 September

Autumn is upon us and it started of great with a concert at the Helsingborg Jazzfestival together with the amazing tenor player Tomas Franck. One of the best gigs I´ve ever had. Great audience, great players and more energy than a freight train.

5 June

So finally it´s summer in Sweden. Don´t miss out on my concert with the great trumpet player Anders Bergcrantz on june 14.

Last week I was playing with the nice little program Windows movie maker. Fun and very easy to use. The result you can see here: Yiddish Bells

18 April

Yet another picture has been added. This time it´s a picture of the legendary tromboneplayer and big band leader Phil Wilson.

I also would like to recommend a site wich is great source of inspiration. I also had the great honour to provide some information.Casa valdez studios

8 March

Now I´ve added a new picture from december last year. I have also posted a new lick on This time its a Hank Mobley lick, that he played on the tune Recado Bossa Nova.

Happy new year!

Welcome to my site where you will find information about me and my music. If you have any questions please contact me and I will do my very best trying to answer them.

Now that you are here, please sign my guestbook. It´s always interesting to meet people from other places.

I´ve posted a couple of lessons at make sure to check that site out.


I would like to thank everybody who helped me making 2006 a great year. A special thanks to Marca-reeds who is supporting me since januari 2006.