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Ancestry. Read More >>>
Village´s, Read More >>>
Line of my Swedish family. Read More  >>>
"Gorå" Iron. Read More >>>
Author Lina Sandell, Day by Day. Read More >>>
Our Non Noble "Stedt" Family. Read More >>>
From Cavalry in Sweden to farmer in USA. Read More >>>
Emigation (SWE) Read More >>>
J.P Ekström (1859-1929) Biography. Read More >>> May 2003
The family In America, Carolina Christina Svensdotter-Stedt. Read More >>> 
A post letter (about Carolina Stedt). Read More >>>  
The Oscar and Mary Braman Holmstedt Family story. Read More >>> 
Raleigh Warren Holmstedt. Biography and Photo. Read More >>>  
The family in America - Hilma Andersson Hultquist. Read More >>>  
The family in America - Anders Magnus Th Jonasson. In America called Andrew Anderson. Read More >>>  
Cousin Reunion in Jönköping 2002. Read More >>>
District judge Thor Holm from Hultsjö parish. (Picture of May). Read More >>>


Special thank you to: Cheryl Hultquist, California, Dean Wood, Dayton, Maryland and Bill Smith, Iowa for genealogical research in America and my cousin´s in America (Jydy Willoughby, Elizabeth Holmstedt, Idonna Deaver, Eleanore Russel, Glady Ericson, Darlene Johnson and more) for family information and photos.