The family in America - Carolina Christina Svensdotter Stedt


Carolinas gravsten på kyrkogården i Stanton, Iowa; US

Carolinas dödscertifikat

Carolina Christina Svensdotter Stedt ( took the name Stedt in America ) married Peter Carl Jonasson. Carolina ( in America called only Carolina ) and her children in America.
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Peter Carl Jonasson  grew up in Stigåsa Östergård ( East Farm ) in Stockaryd parish. His father was Jonas Månsson who died 1850. Read more in the table here. At the age of 20 he married Carolina Christina Svensdotter who was but 17 years olf from Biskopsberg in Hultsjö parish in Småland. Carolina Christina´s parents were Sven Holmberg and Maria Katarina Nilsdotter. Peter Carl and Carolina Christina were too young for marriage due to the fact that it was then required that the man be at least 21 years old and the woman 18. Therefore Peter Carl and Carolina Christina had to obtain permission from the Royal Majesty. In addition, and since Carolina Christina´s father had died, she received permission from her brother to marry Peter Carl. In the ancient Swedish tradition, Carolina Christina was stuck-up, dark, brown-eyed and red-cheeked when she married Peter Carl.

Peter Carl Jonasson was a Farmer on a 1/8 assessed unit of land in Stockaryd Norregård ( North Farm ) in Stockaryd parish until his death in 1887. At the same time he had his father´s farm, a 1/4 assessed unit of land at Stigåsa Wästergård ( West Farm ) in Stockaryd parish and a 1/12 assessed unit of land at Stockaryd Södergård ( South Farm ) in Stockaryd parish. On Sepember 1, 1881, he purchased a 1/9 assessed unit of land at Stigåsa Östergård ( East farm ) for 3.150 Swedish crowns. He later sold this farm to his son-in-law, Anders Jonasson, who married his daughter Maria, for 4.000 Swedish crowns. Of this sum 1.433 Swedish crowns was considered a wedding present from Peter Carl to Anders and Maria. Maria was Peter Carl´s and Carolina´s only child to stay in Sweden. Peter Carl was a religious man and served as a church warden in the Stockaryd church. He was also deeply caring of and helpful toward poor people.

A sister to Carolina Christina, Sara Lisa Holmberg, married a farmer by the name of Johan Magnus Pettersson in Bäckaby parish. Sara Lisa and Johan Magnus had a son, Johannes Emil, born in 1859. He took the name Florén. In 1872 at 12 yeras old he emigrated to America. Later, in 1874, the rest of the family emigrated to America. Johannes Emil Florén became a student of theology and 1887 studied for his doctorate degree at Wittenberg College in Ohio. He later had a farm in Mexico but came back to Sweden and Småland. He served as a Vicar in Fröderyd, Bäckaby and Ramkvilla parishes.

In about 1886 Peter Carl´s and Carolina Christina´s sons Carl Johan and Frans ( who later was known as Frank ) emigrated to America. Peter Carl Jonasson died in 1887. In 1889 their son, Sven Magnus ( later called Swan ) emigrated to America. The children Jonas, Oscar and Sofia ( later Sophia ) followed in 1890 and 1891. That left only Carolina Christina and the children Maria, Augusta and Henning at Stockaryd in Sweden. Maria married Anders Jonasson, a farmer in Stigåsa, Stockaryd. Carolina Christina emigrated to America in 1891 with her daughter, Augusta, then 19 years old, and her son, Henning who was 9. Maria remained in Sweden.

In US Census 1900 Carolina are living in Scott Township, house nr 102, 61 years old. Can read and write. In the house are also living the daughter Augusta Emilie and her husband Charles Hultquist

Link to US Census 1900 ( in pdf )

Carl Johan married Märta Desidera. He took the name Stedt in America and returned to Sweden at the beginning of 1900. Carl Johan died in Stockaryd parish in 1933.

Frans ( Frank ) married Vendela Johansson circa 1891 in America. He took the name Holmstedt and became a farmer in Nebraska. Frank´s and Vendela´s two oldest children were born at Red Oak/Stanton, Iowa. The family moved to Nebraska between 1895-1897 and farmed in an area known as "Ag. Sch. #70" in Nance County. In the 1900 U.S. census for Nance County, Cedar Township, it was recorded that Mauritz was born in 1893 and Myrtle was born in 1895 in Iowa. Two following children were born at Fullerton, Nance County, Nebraska: Carl W. in 1897 and Edna in 1901. Frank´s and Vendela´s other children George Theodore born 1903, Robert, and Irene were probably also born in Nance County. Frank Holmstedt died in 1928 in Nebraska. "Funeral services were held Friday afternoon at Presbyterian church for Frank Holmstedt. Frank Holmstedt was born in Smoland, Sweden, on August 25, 1862, and died in a Grand Island, Nebraska hospital on October 24, 1928. He came to America in 1885, and settled at Marquette, Kansas. In 1892 he moved to Stanton, Iowa and 1897 he moved to Nance County, Nebraska where he continued to reside until his death. On November 4, 1891, at Marquette, Kansas, he was united in marriage to Miss Vendela Johnson, who survives him." [ Nance County Journal Fullerton Nebraska 1928 ].

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Sven ( Swan ) Magnus took the name Holmstedt in America and was a farmer at Stanton, Iowa. He married Elna Nilsdotter who was born in Glimåkra, Skåne, Sweden. Swan and Elna were members of Mamrelund Lutheran Church at Stanton. Children see also table here.

(Sophia ) married Frank Johansson and lived at Red Oak, Iowa. Sophia´s mother, Carolina, spent her final years at Sophia´s home where she died in 1920. Sophia and Frank had the children, Vivienne, who married Godfrey ( she died 1999 ), Maude, Ebba, August and Mamie. Sophia death at Los Angeles 5 Match 1940 and Frank at San Bernardino 21 July 1949. They are buried in Woodlawn cemetary in Santa Monica, California.

Augusta married Carl Hultquist ( brother to Anton Hultquist who married Hilma Andersson ) see link here ) and lived at Stanton, Iowa. 

In 1900 the was living in Scott Township together she mother. See link US Census 1900

Augusta and Carl had 10 children, all of whom were born near Stanton. Lillian 1894 ( died 1896 ), Ethel 1896, Elmer 1898 in Frankfort township ( died 1900 ), Carl Hugo circa 1900, Eldor 1901, Evelyne 1903 in Scott township, Glendon 1905, Elin 1909, Mildred 1911 and Nina 1913. Augusta passed away at Murphy Menorial Hospital in Red Oak, Iowa, at the age of 73. She was buried at Mamrelund Lutheran Church at Stanton on May 30, 1945. The pallbearers for her funeral were Eldor Hultquist, Nathan Wigstone, Rou Falk, Wallace Swansson, Glendon Hultquist, Fred Allan, Arnold Swansson and Delbert Holmstedt. Pastor A. Leonard Smith conducted the funeral.

Jonas took the name Holmstedt in America. He emigrated to America in 1890 at the age of 20. He married Karin Holst and returned to Sweden in 1913. A son to Jonas and Karin, Erik Holmstedt, had a store in Stockaryd.

Oscar took the name Holmstedt in America. Oscar emigrated at the age of 12 with his sister Sophia and brother Jonas. He became a farmer at Fullerton, Nance County, Nebraska. He married Mary A. Braman in Nance County on October 19, 1898. Mary Braman was 17 years old when they married. Oscar and Mary had 15 children.

 Elsie Holmstedt Windels (1903-1989) about the Family Story. You can read more here.

Raleigh Warren Holmstedt, Indiana State University 6th President. Read more here

Mary Braman was born Nov.6, 1881 on a farm in Boone County, Neb. Anson Braman her father, was born "on the high seas out side New York" in 1828 or 1829. He married an English girl, probably in New York. The vent to Fullerton, Neb. some time efter the Civil War. (inform by Elsie Windels (1903-1989), daugher to Oscar and Mary

Henning took the name Holmstedt in America and lived at Paxton, Nebraska. 
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The Holmstedt name derives from Carolina´s father´s name - Sven Holmberg togehter with "Stedt" which was an older name in her husband´s ( Peter Carl Jonasson ) family. See also the table about the cavalry in Hultsjö, Häggatorp here.

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