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Cavalry soldier Per Simonsson had tree sons: Gudmund Persson, Simon Persson, and Håkan Persson ( see table here ) All sons were also cavalry-men in the Swedish Army. Simon Persson began service as an aide Gume Persson in Colonel Lybeck´s Skåne Cavalry Regiment in 1672 at Luhr, Skåne. Later he served in Pommern ( Gemany ). Simon Persson took the soldier name Stedt.

Simon Persson Stedt had a son, Nils. Nils was chief district judge and took the name Stedt from his father. In 1712 the King of Sweden made Nils Stedt a nobleman. This began the Swedish noble family Stedt with Nils as the patriarch. The Stedt noble family was continued with the birth of Nils´s son, Claes Henrik Stedt and later J.A Stedt.

Cavalryman Håkan Persson from Häggatorp in Hultsjö parish had a son, Måns Håkansson, who became a cavalry soldier in Smålands Cavalry. Like his cousin, Nils, Måns Håkansson took the name Stedt for his soldier name.

Måns Håkansson Stedt had a son, Per Månsson. Per Månsson was a farmer and cavalryman in the Smålands Cavalry. He also took the Stedt name from his father as his soldier name but it was not a noble name. It was only a soldier name from his father. Per Månsson Stedt was the last in the "Hultsjö Line" to serve as cavalryman, and his death market the end of military service from this branch of family from Häggatorp in Hultsjö parish.

Per Månsson Stedt had a son, Måns Persson born in 1754 in Hultsjö parish. Måns Persson did not take the Stedt name. Måns Persson was not in the Swedish cavalry and so did not have a soldier name. Måns Persson was a farmer in Stigåsa, Stockaryd parish. In 1817 he was found dead along the path he took while riding horseback on this way home from a market in Vetlanda. His son, Jonas Månsson, was accised of his father´s death and was found negligent for taking proper care of his father. Jonas was one-half "mansbot" fot manslaughter, but not as a murder

Måns Perssons son, Jonas Månsson, also did not take the Stedt name. Jonas was a farmer first in Stockaryd Norregård in Stockaryd parish and moved circa 1824 to Stigåsa, Stockaryd parish.

Jonas Månsson´s son, Peter Carl Jonasson ( married Carolina Christina ), did not use the Stedt name.

Because Måns Håkansson took the name Stedt as his soldier name and his son, Per, continued the Stedt name for his soldier name ( not as a noble name -- only a soldier name ) it came to be rumored through the yeras that Peter carl Jonasson had descended from noble lineage. He did not. Peter Carl Jonasson descended from Måns Håkansson non-noble Hultsjö ancestry which, although both Måns ( Peter carl´s great-great- grandfather ) and his son, Åer ( Peter Carl´s great-grandfather ), used the Stedt name it was only a soldier name and not the name of Nils Stedt.

After Carolina ( Peter Carl´s widow ) immigrated to America she and some of her children took Stedt as the family name with the false belif that it reflected a noble ancestry. Some of her children combined the first portion of Carolina´s father´s surename - "holm" from Holmberg - with "Stedt" to become Holmstedt in America. The family also asserted that Stedt family shield which in Hook Church in honor of the Stedt noble family was theirs. Of course it was not. Our family came from the "Hultsjö Line" descending from Håkan Persson.

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