Letter from grand-daughter to Carolina

by Vivienne Godfrey

"....Now I shall tell you about my family. Grandma Stedt always went by the name Stedt so I always thoutght her husband did also. Mother always called herself Sophia Stedt until she married my father whose name was Frank Johnson. Mothers brothers all went by the name of Holmstedt and three of them lived in Nebraska, one of our states. I know them and the were Fransk, Oscar o Henning. Grandma Stedt was dearly lived by my family and lived with us in Red Oak, Iowa the last year of her life. She shared the same bedroom whith my sister Ebba and I and one evening I heard her tell my mother ... unusually well she felt. She come upstaiers. got undremed for bed and just proceeded to close her eyes and go to the Lord. I thank the Lord for a wonderful person...

Before she come to stay with us she lived in Stanton, Iowa in a little house her sons in Nebraska had built for her but later she began to have heart problems so Mother persuaded her to live with us..."
( and so on )

Vivienne Godfrey 87 ( daughter to Sophia ) write to me from Camarillo, California June 14, 1991