Raleigh W Holmstedt


Raleigh Warren Holmstedt 
Born: March 24, 1899 in St. Edward, Nebraska, oldest of 15 children
Died: January 6, 1988 in Bloomington, Indiana
Parents: Oscar Holmstedt and Mary Braman Holmstedt, Nebraska
Wife: Mary S Power married in 1930 ( she died in 1978 )

Raleigh Holmstedt was grandson to Carolina Christina Svensdotter Stedt, born in Hultsjö, Sweden 1838 and died in Red Oak, Iowa, America 1920. See more about Carolina and her children here. - Se also: picture in the gallery

Named after ISU's sixth President, Raleigh Warren Holmstedt, Holmstedt Hall was built in 1966. It is used as a classroom and faculty office building. It contains the offices for the Departments of Criminology, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Terre Haute, Indiana

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Raleigh Holmstedt

By Bob Schafer, Indiana State University ( this man worked for Raleigh Holmsted during Raleigh´s last four years, 1961-65, as President of Indiana State). Mail June 2000. Research, Dean Wood, Maryland

While Dr. Holmstedt was a very private person, I can only hazard a guess as to why he retired when he did. In his final year in office he suffered a coronary attack which left him with angina symptons on a fairly regular basis. He was not yet the mandatory retirement age of 66 when he retired; however, he was stressed somewhat by the fact in 1961 against his wishes a new and separate Board of Trustees was established and the university was also renamed Indiana State College.

The prior Teachers College Board had governed both Indiana Stat Teachers College and Ball State Teachers College. This left Raleigh quite a bit of latitude in operating his institution free of a lot of day-to-day interference or questions from Board, most of whom resided in Indianapolis. The local Terre Haute political community pushed for the new Board and got its wish through the state legislature. This new Board wanted a breadth of programs added in addition to teacher education and an eventual push to become a university which did occur in July 1965. Dr. Holmstedt was quite satisfied with begin a strong teacher education institution.

With pressure from Board the began the process of organizing the various schools. There is no doubt because of his strong convictions and leadership the foundation was laid for the ISU we know today. He was a quite different personality, but beneath all of his bluster there existed a soft touch. I truly respected and liked the man.

Raleigh Holmstedt
By Susanne Davis, University Archivist. Univeristy Archives, Indiana Stat University. Mail June, 2000. Research, Dean Wood Maryland

Degrees: Bachelor of Science (BS) - Hastings College in Nebraska
1924 Master of Science (MS) - Columbia University Teachers College
1932 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - Columbia University Teachers College

Teaching Career:

1924-26 Mathematics Instructor and coach
1927-28 Research Assistant at Columbia University
1929-53 Indiana University School of Education faculty member
1953-65 President of Indiana State University

School went through two name changes:

1961 Indiana State Teachers College became Indiana State College
1965 Indiana State College became Indiana State University

Massive surge of construction took place during his tenure:

Nine residence halls were constructed
Five other buildings remodeled
Semester system was replaced by a quarter system
First doctoral degree awarded-joint award with Indiana University
WISU radio station was established
Tremedous growth in enrollment during his tenure
Author of State Aid Bill for state of Indiana
Included formulas for state financial support for public schools in Indiana
Consulant for the Survey of Administration and Finance for the New York City School system in 1942
Consultant for Survey of Administration and Finance for Washington DC in 1948


Enlisted US Army 1918 – Assigned to the Student Army Training Corps at Hastings College
Served in Word War II
Graduate from the School of Military Government – University of Virginia 1945-46 Chief of Education and Religious Affairs in Kassel, Germany. Discharged at the rank of Major