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Nels (Nils) Anderson family

Nels Anderson

Nels (Nils) Anderson. Born 1869-01-16 in Rullabygget, Hörja parish, Sweden (L). Died 1948 in Stromsburg, Nebraska, USA1948.

  • Biography. (News 2001-09-29)
    The family story is that Nels came over to America with a female friend and her family. When they arrived in Nebraska he stayed in Stromsburg and the family he was traveling with went to Wausa, Nebraska. He and his female friend were thuse separated. Nels various things over his lifetime. He worked for the City of Stromsburg hauling building materials and other goods from Stromsburg railroad depot to their local destinations; he worked for a lumber yard; and he farmed in a local area. Nels and his wife Christina lived close to the family of the children.
  • Father Anders Jacobsson. Born 1831-03-10 in Angsholm, Hörja (L), Sweden. Baptized 1831-03-13 in Hörja (L). Died 1878-07-16 at the age of 49 in Rya, Hörja (L), Sweden. Crofter and tenant farmer in Rullabygget and Rya, Hörja parish.

    Mother Anna Månsdotter. Born 1833-05-02 in Angsholm, Hörja (L), Sweden. Baptized 1833-05-05 in Hörja (L). Died 1896-05-04 in Rullabygget, Hörja (L), Sweden. Crofter´s wife.

    Nils Anderson married Christina Carlson 1897-01-27 in Amerika.
    Christina Carlson was born 1870-04-28 and died on1956-04-19 at Stromsburg, Nebraska. Father: Carl Pettersson. Born 1828-03-19. Mother: Inga Sophia Johansdotter. Born 1844-03-03.

    Christina Carlson

    Child of Nils Anderson and Christina Carlson

  • Anna Anderson born 1898 at Stromsburg; Nebraska. Died 1984 in Amerika. Married 1921 to Alfred Swanson. ( Born 1898, died 1980 ).

    Lillian Anderson born 1899 at Stromsburg, Nebraska. Died 1980. Married 1921 to Arthur Carlson. ( Born 1899, died 1981 ).

    Esther Anderson. Born 1901 at Stromsburg, Nebraska. Died 1983. Married to Vincent Anderson.

    Vivian Anderson. Born 1911 at Stromsburg, Nebraska. Died 1999. Married 1935 to Wilmer Anderson. ( Born 1906, died 1999 ).