arvid nyholm.

the uncle of my grandmother



arvid frederik nyholm was born in stockholm, sweden, 12 july

1866. he graduated from södra real, secondary studies, when he

was twenty years and then directly started studying architecture

at kungliga tekniska högskolan. after one year he quit, the same year

that he married amelia josephina grönander. they had five children,

of whom his daughter, greta would later become a painter herself.

 between 1889 and 1891 he studied privately for gösta grehl. during

the same period he studied briefly at kungliga konstakademin

where he did some painting for theaters. apparently he entered

konstnärsförbundet the following year, 1892. he also

studied privately with anders zorn, as well as entered

l'academie de calarossi in paris.



in 1892 he left for new york city and america, like so many other

swedes. he settled down in chicago, IL, in 1903. it would become

his permanent base until his death on 14 november 1927. what i

have gathered from my grandmother, arvid visited europe even after

his move to chicago. she told me that once when he was in paris,

my grandmother's mother, anna nyholm, went to see him and hang around

with his arty friends. apparently she had a swell time, as a break

from her usual duties, like taking care of her children and husband

in stockholm.



apart from the fact that i like his work, i have understood

that he was respected during his time. he's represented

in various places in the united states, for example at

the smithsonian institution. he did mostly portraits and

apparently he was a quite renowned painter in chicago. the

two paintings at the top are from 1889 and 1891 respectively.

the third one is from 1917, and then probably made in america.