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Changing the battery on a Korg T3

I must confess that I've only made this on my own T3 but I think it's made the same way on T1/T2/T3ex and M1 as well.
I found it very easy and I think you will find it that way too. Otherwise there are a few guys online charging some bucks for mailing you some instructions (which probably will be something quite similiar to this one). The T3 is quite old now so my humble opinion is that we who still uses it should help each other out as much as possible. Hey, I'm no wizard in electronics but at least this I could help you out with.

What you need.

Well, a screwdriver and for the T3 a new battery of the type CR-2032 and thats it. Although some basic know-how about working with electrical devices is useful. Unplug all cables and don't touch anything inside that is not necessary.

Disclaimer: Whatever you do, you do it at your own risk (just in case...).

Ok, this is how it's done!

The bottom lid.

First of all, turn the thing upside down (perhaps on a couch or a bed or something like that and remember to mind the joystick!).
and the simply remove all 17 screws EXCEPT the four screws in the stands/feet which you don't have to remove.
Now you grab the back stands and lift the lid slightly so you can get a real good grip at it and then lift it up a little as you gently move it away from the rear. (You'll understand why i you take a look at the picture to the left.)

The Korg T3 without the lid. The battery is pointed out by the nice green arrow.

Replacing the battery

The battery in it's socket.

The battery can be found almost in the middle of the syntesizer. Check picture above.
Make sure that the new battery match the present one.
You take the battery out by pushing the battery itself towards the rear of the synthesizer and then lifting it up at the front side and then it almost pops out automatically. Don't get it? Well, don't worry, you'll fix it on your own. Just don't try to do something with the socket, because you can't. Just move the battery.
Put in the new one (+/text side up), put the lid back and tighten the screws and that's it;
Mission accomplished!

Told you it was easy, didn't I !?! When done, you realize reading this guide was just a waste of time.

Read this and then done this? Please drop a mail to let me know if it was worth the time writing this page! Or to give me some feedback, supplementary information or whatever.
Have fun and Korg on!

Your fellow Korg-owner.

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