Declaration of intent

The purpose of this site is to convey information rather than pyrotechniques. Hence this gopherlike appearance. However, in order not to be bogged down completely in Tristesse I have tried to liven it up a bit with the odd background colour and various illustrations. While, of course, pictures have been long established as "breakers of monotony", and, let me add, I'm all for it, colours, on the other hand, as I have experienced them on assorted homepages have a tendency to clash in a somewhat inharmonious manner, leaving the end result looking like smudges, and the message - if any - totally incomprehensible, all this talk of the need of a reliable crypto-system not withstanding.

If you need secrecy on Internet, it seems to me that the easiest way round the problem is to hire one of these post modern young hackers for whom the word "Java" doesn't suggest high class coffee, and believe me: You will get a homepage sparkling with fireworks: flashing letters of pseudorandomly changing fonts within single words, instantly overwritten by dynamic exploding fractal pattterns - virtually graffiti come alive - accompanied by electronic sounds, making MTV music videos look and sound like a gala evening at the MET. You will be perfectly safe. No one - unless incurably schizophrenic - will be able to decode your message to the consumer. It's beyond me, but it still seems to work.

But don't look for it here. I suppose the point of these flamboyant homepages is that they try to disguise that they have really nothing to say. If you are no good at these elaborate attacks on peoples' retinas, you'll have to come up with something interesting to say if you want to keep the average surfer's attention. I believe that a good serious homepage today is one with very little response from surfers in general. How to find out? Well any surfer may stumble on to your index page, but how many of them are willing, let alone eager, to go on to page two?

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