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Pilgrims of the Night


Yours Truly LBL

Now folks! Don't just take my word for it. Listen to the words of Egbert von Flonkenstein in the Harvard Economic Oversight vol. IX no. 5. 1995.:

P.o.N. unfortunately has nothing whatever to do with economics, which is rather sad as it would otherwise have been the first successful attempt to make that dreary subject the least bit amusing, not to say interesting.
Basically it's a book about the history of magic, which is where relevance comes in - if ever. At least it takes something akin to that to make a country's budget balance.

The price is only about twelve bucks which - with app. 200 pages - runs to something like: 6 a page, and when did you last get hilarious fun that cheap? Next century's - or week's, as the case may be - review will be about Sado Meananornery's existentialistic farce: Raskolnikov's Wedding Night, which incidently, will soon be made into a major motion picture by - not Henry Hathaway, 'cause he went that-a-way, but John Blood-and-Goreman, starring Vam P. Yre and Dr. A. C. Ula.

At the moment at least Pilgrims of the Night is available at Amazon Bookshop as far as I know.

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