Math or Science
mathematics The whiteboard accepts any fonts you may have installed on your system. To use a certain font (except for three standard ones), you just import it to make it available. But you must be sure that the machines you communicate with also have this font installed on their system, or they'll be unhappy.

This example shows some math using the Mathematica fonts.

Non Western Character Sets
chinese text An additional example of "foreign" character sets that is perhaps more useful for some. Since I don't know the first two languages, nor their character sets, I just typed some random keys. This works transparently between clients due to the UTF-8 character encoding used universally.
Chat Dialog
chatevent Standard two person text chat. Indicator when respondent is typing a reply. Popup menu palette for smilyes.
Emoticon Sets
emoticons Supports addon emoticon sets. Prepackaged with several sets.
Standard Chat Rooms
emoticons There is also support of ordinary one-to-one chats, and chat rooms, like the one below. This way you may communicate with non-whiteboard clients, and non-jabber clients. Screen shot from Mac OS X.
Plugin Import Architecture
The Whiteboard uses a flexible plugin architecture for importing MIME types into the drawing canvas. Each import plugin registers which MIME types it is capable of handling, and supplies a Tcl procedure for canvas display. The user may configure which plugin to use for each MIME type, and various other handling issues, just how it works in any web browser.
plugin architecture
Fast starting movie download
progressive quicktime download Progressive download of mp3's and other movies using QuickTime on Mac and Windows. Start playing just after download has started. No need to wait for the complete download to finish before playing.
Inbox for incoming messages and automatic smiley parsing
inbox with messages Inbox for messages, just as any email client. This gives compatibility with any Jabber complient messenger, and provides a way to send non-whiteboard text to other Coccinellas. Smileys in the text content, such as :) and :cool:, will be automatically transformed to a corresponding icon. There are about 60 smiley icons, see legend. Copyright 2001 Greg Fleming of Dark Project Studios.
Send Message
inbox with messages Send text messages to any Jabber user, and to other Instant Messaging systems. Smiley icons are automatically parsed to icons if sent to another Coccinella.
ICQ and MS Messenger
icqmsn Collect your contacts from other IM systems, like ICQ and Messenger in this example. You must already have your own account on the other system to use as a transport mechanism. You register in the Browse window using your foreign account, and then any present users in your contact list will show up here. In this example my own accounts are placed in the Transport section automatically.
Play Chess
chess Play chess in a whiteboard chat window. Currently as of version 0.95.1, there are chinese checker, draughts as well. (See also below)
Playing cards Applets written in IncrTcl (an OO version of Tcl) can be imported into the whiteboard. The very first example is playing cards as shown here. An Itcl script is opened by one user, transported and imported by the chat partner. This works precisely like any other file being used, audio, video, document etc. The necessary part is an Itcl importer provided with version 0.95.0 and later, which provides the runtime environment for the applet scripts.

A playing card stack is opened from the Library/Games menu. Cards are picked by each user by dragging the point tool over the card stack. Cards shown as halfes are visable only for the user that picked them. Therefore each user must pick his or hers own card from the stack as this is the default state when a card is picked. A pop menu enables any user to hide the card for everyone (backside), show it to himself only (halfside each), or show it for everyone (completely visable).

More stuff like this is in preparation.

ICQ Chat
Chat with your ICQ friends.
icq chat
MS Messenger Chat
Chat with your MS Messenger friends.
icq chat
Theming: set fonts, colors, and most icons and graphical elements. Themes are simple to define using resource files. These examples for demonstration purpose only. See README files for more info.
Galileo Linux Rainbow Roster WinXP Roster
Theme Theme
Search for Users
When you have got an account on a Jabber server, you may register with its User Directory, adding some personal information that is searchable by other users. The search form is obtained dynamically from the service that provides this capabaility, thus it is adapted to the type of information that is registered by the same service. Cute! This way you may find persons you are looking for, but where you don't know their Jabber user id. Glad I'm not the only Mats (not Mat) in the Jabber world.
search dialog