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mod 005 penti "allting nu e.p." 7"


1.Nej Det Är Inte Sant (2:51)


2. Semester (3:29)

3. Hägersten (4:10)

..."an excellent jangly pop song, complete with trumpet and an extra-catchy chorus! The two songs on the flip are a bit more laid back, but are still nice." Indiepages

Available at:

Stores (in Sweden):Pet Sounds Stockholm***The Hits Hurt Stockholm***Sound Pollution Stockholm***Frizzle Records Stockholm***Vaxkupan Norrköping***Doolittle Lund***Jukebox Malmö.
Mailorders (everywhere) : Benno, Delicious Goldfish, Revolution #9, Hot Stuff, Indiepages (US), Little Pad (JAP), Apple Crumble (JAP)
Or simply get it from me for 40 Sek + shipping

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