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mod 004 speedmarket avenue "is anything ever done?" 7"


1.I Can Tell By Her Eyes (2.37)

2.Non-Convertible And Controlled (3.13)


3.Moments Of Sudden Bright (3.37)

4.Another Setting (3.56)

Available at:

Stores (in Sweden):Jukebox Malmö***Doolittle Lund*** Freak Scene Stockholm***Pet Sounds Stockholm*** The Hits Hurt Stockholm*** Sound Pollution Stockholm***Hot Records Solna***Vaxkupan Norrköping
Mailorders (everywhere):Benno, Delicious Goldfish, Revolution #9, Hot Stuff, Rough Trade (UK), Indiepages (US), Poppolar (CAN)
Or simply get it from me for 45 Sek + shipping

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Modesto Records, Vasavägen 22, S-169 58 Solna, Sweden indiepoparen@hotmail.com