I am very proud of this Musical´s labradors some of them are living with other families..

                                        photo: L Böös

Musical's A Grand Night For Singing

born 1998-03-19, hips, elbows and eyes free.
e. Guideline's With A Will
u. EUW-97 KBHV-97 NUCh Musical's Aspects Of Love

Her own homepage

Owner: Kersti Seger
Blåvingev 11


Musical´s Singing In The Rain

"Wilma" won BEST IN SHOW at the Labclubs first CC show At Skokloster under Mrs Margie Cairns 


Musical's Woman In Black

"Ellen" was BEST IN SHOW puppy at the Big Skokloster show 2000 


Musical's The Chocolate Soldier

"Porto" moved to Pedro Da Silva in Portugal and he has been showned and used with success




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