From Upsala Nya Tidning 991122:

"Fair Oriana with exceptionally beautiful madrigals
The choir Oriana with ten young voices gave a well-attended madrigal-concert in the Trefaldighet church under David Anstey's guidance on the Saturday afternoon. And the outcome was particularly good, Ulla Godin writes."
"That these young choirmembers evidently whithout any difficulties managed this complex conglomerate of embroided parts was commendable and resulted in a wonderful sound; naturally David Anstey's inspiring ability to control and steer the sound is decisive. "
"...sounded althrough superbly. Clear voices all over, the high straight sopranoes are worthy of special praise."


From Upsala Nya Tidning 990526:

The vocal-ensemble Oriana sang Monteverdi's In Illo Tempore in Helga Trefaldighets church with great skill last Sunday, Niclas Blixt writes."
"This we can certify pleasedly today when we hear such fine vocal-ensembles as Oriana, which with big conviction present musical pieces of that kind for our choosy ears. The ensemble sounded very good and kept a good textual articulation even in the most passages, much due to the small composition of the group. The individuals got to excell in the coloratura parts...."