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About the Nya Palantíren

The Nya Palantíren is an e-zine for fairy-tales, myth, SF, horror, fantasy, & cyberpunk.
  In the beginning of time (1972 - 1994) the Palantíren was published by The Stockholm Tolkien Society - Forodrim. Palantíren (which changed name to Nya Palantíren for the last two issues, "Nya" is new in Swedish) mostly contained stories and poems which the members of the society had written themselves, but people from the "outside" were sometimes published as well. At the Forodrim web site there are a number of pages with more information about The Palantíren/Nya Palantíren. You can also order back issues.

The content and the guidelines for the Nya Palantíren are still the same, but with a broader coverage than earlier.
  The selection of material for the Nya Palantíren is done by the Editor. One of the main reasons for this is that it's "my" web site. ;-)
  So, what can be - and have been - published in the Nya Palantíren? Well, almost anything, as long as it's close to the fairy-tale, myth, SF, horror, fantasy and cyberpunk genres... well, being close is good enough ;-)
  What kind of material can be - and have been - published? Almost any kind of material: novels, short stories, poetry, and much, much more. Something to keep in mind is that the web is an interactive media. It's not static, it's not just text. The possibilites are endless (well, almost).

Note: The Forodrim is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and the Nya Palantíren has contained works in both Swedish and English. But, since I'm so lazy (busy, rather) this is now an all English site.

  • Interested in being published in the Nya Palantíren? Send an e-mail to the Editor.
  • Any comments about the Nya Palantíren? Send an e-mail to the Editor.
  • Interested in being a member of the Stockholm Tolkien Society? Send an e-mail to the Noviscuratrix of the Forodrim.

Uninteresting stuff about the web site

This web site was created mostly in Allaire HomeSite, was updated for a while using some other flashy program, but us now updated using NoteTab Pro.
  Images, bakground, JavaScript and other elements have been taken from here and there, like Barry's Clip Art Server.
  The header is scanned from the cover of one the latest Nya Palantíren (can't remember which one) and then made into an animated GIF.

This web site is created by BC Productions.
Recognize any of the images in this animated GIF? They're scanned from a bracelet that I own, and I'm very interested in knowing more about them. Contact me if you do know anything about them.

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