nobody saw me come
- nobody saw me come. i felt my way round the small room. nothing. nothing on the floor, nothing on the walls, nothing in the ceiling. i touched the northern wall and prayed. nothing. i felt the southern wall and prayed. nothing. i moved to the western wall. nothing. i gently pressed against the eastern wall and said a word of power. nobody saw me leave.

- here, this way! to the left i ran. here, this way! to the right i ran.

- ah, but isn't that just only an... idea? yes, it's an idea, but it's a powerful idea. a powerful idea. laughter. don't laugh, i said.

- greeting, friend; welcome, enemy. we rubbed our noses. your name is...? mine to keep. and your errand? to speak.

- i am a man of many faces, i started. i know, he said, and tried to stab me.

- everything happened so fast (but then again, nothing lasts)

Idre, February 2K1
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