the darkness
and in the darkness i was glad,
   of the dreams i never had,
   of the sorrow i never felt,
   of loves and little spiraling things*,
and i said to myself:
   "hey you, don't go,
   don't do this**
   i've never done,
   don't kill god's only son,
   don't kill god,
   don't kill dreams -
   you know, just to drown out the screams,
   wander in the open fields,
   and stop to smell the roses."

"roses," i said, "i'm not dead
i'm alive (even though it doesn't seem so)
   and roses are still not an option,
   give me war, give me peace,
   of this... this end"

"this end", i said, "but you're not dead?"
"ah, and ah again"
(as if that would explain anything)

i wandered, in burning fields

* you know, the things that go [...] in the night
** madness, i know

Idre, February 2K1
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