July 24;Tansley – Stanton in Peak


 Castle ruin south-east of Matlock where we had a short stop.

View over Matlock.

Today Valter guided us along the hills and pastures of the country side.

 When we trodded along the little stream west of Matlock, we stopped and marvelled at a trunk
of a tree, caught by the pillars of a bridge, five meters above the level of the stream.


 It was a long walk this second day… almost constant climbing and descending.


 About six o'clock in the afternoon we arrived at a really small village called Stanton in Peak, where we stayed in the old reading room, which has two levels. The village had a very small pub and a little shop (genre: we stock and sell everything) with a nice lady who surely knew everything about everyone in the village. Tom had to do the cooking outside our place. That night we rehearsed the Spanish song for the first time, as we tried to imitate the pronunciation of Damie.

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