July 25; Stanton in Peak Monyash


 Eight o'clock awakening, packing and breakfast. Afterwards we assembled around the Swedes and listened in awe to the sound of the Swedish language.

There were many different arrangements made in order to pass fences, this kind of gate is not very good when you have a backpack on.


 How we loved the road and the English countryside.


 But crossing these valleys was not the favorite task of our friends from the Netherlands.

 The public footpaths led us to the church of Monyash, where we would spend the night at the village hall. Oscar and Esther cooked and served us delicious but, alas, mighty pancakes, in different forms and kinds (with apple, whith cheese, with bacon etc.) The jungle game, which had been teasingly spoken about during the day, was explained and played under the able direction of Esther. We did our best and tried hard, and the result was hilarious.


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