Welcome to the website of Juana where you can learn
the mayan language q'anjob'al

My name i Juana Baltazar Diego, I am 26 years old and I am was born in a village called Ojo de Agua Chancolín. Chancolín is located about five hours walk through the forest from the mexican border, in the municipality of Cruz Barillas,
And the province of Huehuetenango, Guatemala.

In my own language, my name is Xuwin Maltixh Yakin.
I am maya and my language is q'anjob'al. It is spoken by some 100.000 people in the north of Huehuetenango.
There are also a lot of people that speak q'anjob'al in the USA, and this website has helped me to establish contact with some of them. It is possible to mail me here.

Since 1997 I live with my husband in Hammarkullen,
Gothenburg, Sweden. I work as a assistant nurse, but I also give seminars on Guatemala and the mayan people.



Here you can learn the mayan language q'anjob'al