Norway 1940 
 Robert Mårtensson 

This site is dedicated to the struggle of Norway in the spring of 1940.
A campaign famous for the daring German assault over enemy controlled
sea, Allied indecision, Norwegian failure and the traitor Quisling.

Norw. mg in the fighting at Tonsåsen

Its story has been told many times, and it deserves to, as it is a story that
has everything (well, not large pitched battles of armoured forces perhaps).
This site will try to look at the story from a Norwegian perspective, as their
story seldom are told (in English).

 Read the history of the invasion 
In the history section I describe the chain of events, beginning before the war, leading
to this "unlikely" invasion. The infamous day of invasion, the 9th of April is also described,
and I will try to carry the story on until the surrender in the south at the end of April,
giving a view of the general events and describing a few of the more interesting battles
in more detail.

 Get all the hard facts 
In the reference section I have assembled a vast amount of data about Orders of Battle,
Tables of Organization and Equipment, armament etc of the ground, naval and air units

 Look at the maps 
The map section has all the maps necessary to follow the events.

 General Site info 
Who am I, what is all this about, log of updates, interesting links, how to contact me,
how to navigate etc.

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