Luftvarslingens (aircraft warning service) organisation

The system built on "luftvarslingsposter" (air observer posts?) reporting to "samlestasjoner" (centrals) which in turn reported to the central "Oslo samlestasjon" as well as to important military and civil installations and authorities within their area. Communications built on the public network. The air warning service were to cooperate with the coastal guard, and the centrals for the two organisations were usually colocated.

The posts and centrals was manned by armed men (approx. 10 men for an air observer post).


Civil air defence: The police master (?) was head of the civil air defence(?) (luftvernsjef) in each town, with responsibilities for black-out and evacuation.


Luftvärnsregimentet (Oslo)

Oslo samlestasjon (Oslo)


Lfvkommando for østlandet (Oslo)

Spydeberg samlestasjon

10 luftvarslingsposter

Sarpsborg samlestasjon

7 luftvarslingsposter


Kystvaktens (coastal guard) organisation

Sarpsborg gruppesentral

4 kystvaktstasjoner