Norwegian airforce

Gladiator Mk I & II
Engine: 840 hp Bristol Mercury IX

Armament: four 0.303 in Browning MG

Speed: 407 km/h at 4420 m

Range: 689 km

Wingspan: 9.83 m

Weight: 1459 m

In April 1940 the only operative Norwegian fighter was the Gladiator. In the late thirties it had replaced the Scimitar as fighter in the Norwegian army airforce. The first six aircraft (Mk I) bought from Britain in 1937-38 were later increased to twelve by an order in June 1939, delivered in October 1939. The last six were in fact the last Gladiators ever built. Normally the later Gladiator Mk II would have a three blade metallic propeller, but the Norwegian aircraft all had the old two blade wooden propeller.

In the morning of the 9th of April 1940, only five of the now nine Gladiators were operative. Three had been lost to accidents, and four were down for repair.


Bombers and reconnaissance
Caproni Ca310
Engine: two 470 hp Piaggio P.VII C35

Armament: three 7.7 mm MG

Payload: 400 kg

Crew: 3

Speed: 365 km/h at 3000 m

Wingspan: 16.2 m

Weight: 3053 kg

4 Caproni Ca 310 were bought from Italy.
Fokker CV-D & E
Engine: 450 hp Hispano-Suiza

Armament: 1 fix forward and 1 rear 7.9 mm MG

Payload: ? kg

Crew: 2

Speed (max): 225 km/h

Range: 770 km

Wingspan: 12.5 m

Weight: 1250 kg

This obsolete but versatile Dutch plane were used as reconnaissance and light bomber. A few remained in service all through the campaign.

27 CV-D and 20 CV-E were bought. Many were assembled in Norway.

The aircraft on the picture has just been captured by the Germans, when the pilot by mistake landed on a newly occupied provisorical airfield.

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