Norwegian army organisation

The formal Supreme Commander of the Norwegian armed forces was the King. Under him the Commanding General (Kommanderende General) was commander of the army, and the general staff was called Hærens OverKommando (H.O.K).

Norway was divided into six military district commands (D.K.). The army forces within a district was organized into a division (divisjon) and the district commander was also the division commander. The division was not a field unit but more of an administrative entity. The main field unit was the Brigade. Each district command would mobilize one Brigade (and other smaller units as well). Two or more Brigades and supporting units could be united into an "Armeavdelning", the same as the English Division. There were however no fix such organizations. Only a plan for how such units would be formed and handled.

The command structure in 1.D.K and 2.D.K. was special. In case of mobilization, the division commanders in 1.D.K. and 2.D.K. would not, as in all other districts, take command over the districts. Instead the Commanding General of H.O.K. would be commanding 1:st and 2:nd districts directly, as one district, called "Østlandet". 


The information is mainly taken from the official Norwegian army history "Krigen i Norge".

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