Norwegian army units

On this page I list all Norwegian army units I have been able to identify. This should include all combat units from company and up (note that infantry companies are explicitly listed only if they don't belong to a standardised battalion). Most HQs, schools and support formations should also be included in the list. For each unit I have tried to list superior unit, location and for higher units the commander, for other units notes on composition or whereabouts has included.

The units are listed by type. For the infantry they are subdivided into the different district commands (D.K.)
The designations of the different units are the ones used by the Norwegian sources. For translations see the short Explanation of terminology.

For some units I have wanted to show component units. This is then noted like in the example below:

3.Div skole (school)
- befelsklasse + forskole
- troppsførerkursus

Explanation of table columns
Unit: The Norwegian designation of the unit (see: Explanation of terminology for translations).
Superior unit: Normally the higher formation a unit will belong to after mobilisation. I e for an infantry battalion it would usually be a brigade or a division (district command). For HQs, military schools and other special units, the HQ they are sorting under is given.
Location: For combat and support units it is the location of the depots. For military schools and HQs the location of their barracks or offices are given.
Commanders: Rank and name are given. Sometimes also their age within parenthesis. Ex: Maj. Lauritz G. Bryhn (45)
Status: For some units the composition is given. For units mobilized prior to 9.April, the whereabouts of the unit is given. I have used the term "set-up" to describe unit mobilisation under "peaceful" conditions.


Higher Commands
Kavalleriet (Cavalry)
Artilleriet (artillery)
Land fortresses
Luftværnet (anti aircraft)
Infanteriet (infantry)
Support units
Ingenjørsvåpnet (engineer units)
Hærens flyvåpen (Army airforce)

Higher Commands

Unit Superior unit Location Commander/Status
Hærens OverKommando    Oslo  
Kommanderende General (K.G.)    Oslo Gen.maj. Kristian Laake
(Gen.maj Otto Ruge from 11.April)
Generalstaben (H.O.K) K.G.  Oslo  
Central schools      
Krigsskolen H.O.K. Oslo Maj. Lauritz G. Bryhn (45), 68 kadetter
Befalssk. for Kavaleriet H.O.K. Oslo Rittmester Harald Broch (53), 8 off, 92 men
Befalssk. for Hærens artilleri H.O.K. Oslo  
Befalssk. for Ingeniørvåpenet H.O.K. Oslo Kaptein Hans Løken (59), 5 off, 98 men
District commands      
1:a Div H.O.K.   Gen.maj Carl Erichsen
1.Div.stab 1. Div Halden  
1.Div skole (school) 1. Div Halden Formed the nucleus of Skolebat. (school battalion) set up near Mysen on 12.April.
1.Brig.stab (brigadekommando) 1. Div IR2, Oslo  
2:a Div H.O.K.   Gen.maj Jacob Hvinden Haug (60)
2.Div.stab 2. Div Oslo  
2.Div. skole (school) 2. Div Oslo  
- forskole   Oslo Fredrikstad ; bef, 44 elev., 23 aspir.
2.Brig.stab 2. Div    
3:dje Div H.O.K.    Gen.maj. E. Liljedahl (58)
3.Div.stab 3. Div     
3.Div skole (school) 3. Div  Kristiansand  
- befelsklasse + forskole     40 elev., forskole 48 elev., aspiranter 24
- troppsførerkursus     36 elev.
3.Brig.stab 3. Div   Evjemoen  
Øvelseavd. 3. Div  Evjemoen  
4:e Div H.O.K.    
4. Div.stab 4. Div Bergen  
4. Brig.stab 4. Div    oberst Gudbrand Östbye
4. Div. skole 4. Div Bergen  
5:e Div H.O.K.   Gen.Maj Jacob Ager Laurantzon
5. Div.stab 5. Div Trondheim Kaptein Finn Berg
5. Brig.stab 5. Div  Trondheim  
5. Div. skole (school) 5. Div Trondheim Organized as reinf. company
- befelsklasse+troppf.kursus     100 elev. in Værnes 9.April
- forskole     60 elev. in Trondheim 9.April
6:e Div - Nord Norge H.O.K.   Gen. Carl Gustav Fleischer
6. Div.stab 6. Div Harstad  
6. Brig.stab 6. Div Harstad Kroken gård in Salangsdalen(setup 20.April 40???)
6. Div. skole 6. Div    
- troppførerkurs     Plat.comm. course in Harstad (begun 1.Mars 40)

Kavalleriet (Cavalry)

Unit   Location/Depot Commander/notes
D.R.1 - Akershus DR 1. Div   Oberst Ebbe Astrup
The regiment was not mobilized. Instead the depots were used to set up the improvised battalion Andvord (from the commander)
Stab/DR1 D.R. 1 Oslo  
Gev.esk D.R. 1 Gardermoen  
Gev.esk D.R. 1 Gardermoen  
Mitr.esk D.R. 1 Gardermoen  
Mot. mitr.esk. D.R. 1 Gardermoen  
1.hj.esk. D.R. 1 Gardermoen  
Øvelse avd. D.R.1/1.Div ? Gardermoen  
D.R.2 - Oppland DR 2. Div   Oberst Jørgen Jensen
Mobilized according to plan. Mobilization finished 12.April
Stab/DR2 D.R. 2 Hamar  
Stabsesk. D.R. 2 Rollsløkken skole, Hamar  
Gev.esk. (Ringsaker esk) D.R. 2 Skappal gård, Ringsaker  
Gev.esk. (Vang esk) D.R. 2 Ridehuset, Hamar  
Mitr.esk. (Stange mitr. esk.) D.R. 2 Stange station (south of Hamar)  
Mot. mitr.esk. D.R. 2 Hverven gård (Ottestad) and Gardermoen  
2.hj.esk. D.R. 2 Gardermoen Lost to Spillers column on 10.April, while on transport north.
Øvelse avd. D.R.2/2.Div ? Disen (Hamar)  
Lv.esk. 2. Div Hofsvangen (Ø Toten)  
D.R.3 - Trøndelag DR 5. Div   Oberst Andreas Wettre
Already mobilizing from 8th April
Gev.esk D.R. 3 Rinnleiret (Verdalsöra)  
3.hj.esk. D.R. 3 Rinnleiret  
5.hj.esk. D.R. 3 Rinnleiret  
Mitr.esk D.R. 3 Rinnleiret  
Mot. mitr.esk. D.R. 3 Rinnleiret  
Øvelse avd. D.R.3/5.Div ?    
Other cavalry units  3. Div Madlamoen Motorized MG-company. Not mobilized 1 (bicycle company) 1. Brig Gardermoen Evjemoen since 28.Mars 2 2. Brig Gardermoen 3 3. Brig Gimlemoen Not mobilized 4 4. Brig Voss Mobilized according to plan 5 5. Brig Rinnleiret (Verdalsöra) 8 4. Div Voss? Mobilized according to plan
Lv. 2. Div? Gardermoen  


Artilleriet (artillery)

Unit Superior unit Location/Depot Commander/notes
Befelsskolen (officer school) H.O.K. Oslo  
Feltartilleriets skole H.O.K. Gardermoen  
Festningsartilleriets skole H.O.K. Fossumströkets festning  
Army artillery       
mot. 12 cm haub. bat. H.O.K. Høytorp fort,
8 x 12 cm howitzer m/32 (motorized). Fully set up, but no ammunition.
mot. 10.5 cm kan. bat. H.O.K. Høytorp fort,
12 x 10.5 cm guns (motorized). A half battery set up. Some of the personnel organized into an inf. company (kp. Orre)
A.R.1 - Akershus AR 1. Div/2. Brig   oberst C. Frølich-Hansen
Stab/AR1 A.R. 1 Oslo  
Stabsbatteri A.R. 1 Ski  
I A.R. 1 Ski Partly mobilized. A half battery and some infantry units organized into the Askim detachment.
II A.R. 1 Ski In Fredrikstad (setup at 6th April)
Lv ??? 1. Div  ? Existence unclear. Probably one or two batteries of 65mm mtn guns belonged here.
skolbatt. A.R. 1  ?  
A.R.2 - Oppland AR 2. Div/2. Brig   oberst O. Nordlie
Mobilized three batteries with 7.5cm guns.
Stab/AR2 A.R. 2 Oslo  
Stabsbatteri A.R. 2  ?  
I A.R. 2 Gardermoen  
II A.R. 2 Gardermoen  
Lv ??? 2. Div  ? existence unclear
skolbatt. A.R. 2 Gardermoen  
A.R.3 - Trøndelag AR 5. Div/5. Brig Trondheim and Værnes oberst Oscar S. Strugstad
Not mobilized.
Stab/AR3 A.R. 3 Trondheim  
Stabsbatteri A.R. 3 Trondheim  
I A.R. 3 Trondheim/Værnes  
II A.R. 3 Trondheim/Værnes  
Lv detachment 5. Div  ? I 3. Brig Evjemoen  
Stabsbatt I Evjemoen  
bg.batt.1 I Evjemoen  
bg.batt.2 ? I Evjemoen  not mobilized (if existing)
bg.batt.3 I Evjemoen  
Øvelse avd. 3. Div  ? II 4. Brig Tvildemoen (Voss)  
Stabsbatt II  ?  
bg.batt.4 II  ?  
bg.batt.5 II Tvildemoen (Voss) The personnel at Evjemoen since 28th Mars
bg.batt.6 II  ?  
Øvelse avd. 4. Div  Voss  
Lv 4. Div  ? 5 x 6.5 cm bergskan III 6. Brig Setermoen setup Jan 1940
Stabsbatt. III  ?  
bg.batt.7 III  ?  
bg.batt.8 III  ?  
6. Hestetren III Hokksund not mobilized, some equipment used
6.Hestereserve III Hokksund not mobilized
Øvelse avd. 6. Div  ?  
Other units under 6.Div 6. Div    
mot.batt.9 6. Div Setermoen 4 x 7.5 cm feltkan. (motorized)
Målselv->Øyjord (setup April 40)
mot art.batt.10 6. Div  ? 4 x 7.5 cm feltkan. (motorized)
Finnamark (setup Jan 40) 6. Div  ? 3 x 7.5 cm kan. (motorized)
pansertogavdelningen 6. Div Narvik 1 x 7.5 cm kan. (on train)


Land fortresses

fortress name notes
Sarpsborgs festning Reserve status
 - Greåker fort  
 - Ravnebergets batteri  
Fossumstrøkets festning Active and base for the motorized artillery battalions
 - Høytorp fort  
 - Trøgstad fort  
Kongsvingers festning Deactivated as fortress but still depot
 - Gullbekkfortet disbanded in 1939 and guns removed
 - Vardefortet disbanded in 1939 and guns removed
Stjørdal og Værdals befestninger  Deactivated
 - Hegra (Ingstadklejva) fort  
 - Værdal fort  


Luftvernet (anti aircraft) except coastal artillery AA

unit superior location notes
Luftvernsreg. H.O.K.    
Reg.stab   Oslo  
skole Luftv. Reg. Stavern (S. Larvik)  
Östlandets luftv.kommando H.O.K. Oslo (hotel Astoria)  
Oslo luftvern Östl. lfvkomm. Oslo 5 batt. á two 7.5cm lvk M/16 and M/32 (static and mobile); 5 150cm searchlight; 15
Kjeller luftvern Östl. lfvkomm. Kjeller airbase (Oslo) 2 batt. á two 7.6cm lvk (static); 4; 4 searchlights
Horten luftvern Östl. lfvkomm. Horten naval base 2 batt. á two 7.5cm lvk M/16 (static); 6
Kongsberg luftvern Östl. lfvkomm. Kongsberg 2 batt. á two 7.6cm lvk (static); 4
Raufoss luftvern Östl. lfvkomm. Raufoss 2 batt á two 7.5cm lvk M/32 (mobile); 4
Rjukan luftvern Östl. lfvkomm. Rjukan 3 batt á two 40mm Bofors (static); 7
Heröya luftvern Östl. lfvkomm. Heröya 2 batt á two 40mm Bofors (static); 3
Bergen luftvern Bergen festning Bergen 3 batt. á two 7.5cm lvk M/16 (static); 6
Maskinkan.batt. Nord-Norge 6. Div ? Setermoen four 40mm Bofors (mobile); 2
In Narvik fr. Nov 39
units sorting under the coastal artillery*
Oscarsborgs luftvern Oscarsb. festn. Oscarsborg 1 batt á two 40mm Bofors; 3
Oslofj. festnings luftvern Oslofj. festn. outer Oslofjord 1 batt á two 40mm Bofors; 8
Kristiansands festnings luftv. Krist. festn. Kristiansand 1 batt. á two 7.5cm lvk (static); 2
Agdenes festnings luftvern Agdenes festn. Trondheimsfjord 6
Fossumströkets luftvern Fossumstr. festn. Mysen 4 - 6

In addition there were several AA-machinegun units (lvmitr.tropp) defending different locations (like airfields). lvmitr.tropps were also integral parts of many field units.

* some units might be left out here, as the sources sometimes don't mentions unmanned batteries.


Infanteriet (infantry)

Within D.K.1

I.R.1 - Østfold IR 1. Div   major J. T. Hagle was stand-in for oberst Birger Ljungberg who was minister of defense.
Reg.stab 1. Div Fredrikstad  
I 1. Div Fredrikstad maj. Fröholm. kp.1 and kp.4 detached as Group Gleditsch on 12.April.
II 1. Div Fredrikstad maj. Haneborg
Lvbat. 1. Div   Organised as III/IR1 under cpt. Sunde
Skolebat. 1. Div   Improvised battalion set up on 12.April with 1.Div school as nucleus.
I.R.2 - Jegerkorpset IR 1. Div   oberst O. J. Broch
Reg.stab 1. Div Oslo  
I 1. Brig Akershus (Oslo) Madlamoen (Stavanger) since 29.Mars
1 + 1 at Sola
II 1. Brig Akershus (Oslo) Not mobilized
Lvbat 1. Div   Not mobilized
Øvelseavd. 1. Div    
I.R.3 - Telemark IR 1 Div   Oberst E. Steen
Reg.stab 1. Div Kongsberg  
I 1. Brig Heistadmoen Gimlemoen (Kristiansand) since 28.Mars
kp.2,3 in Kristiansand, 1 + 1 at Kjevik
II 1. Brig Kongsberg Mobilized according to plan. Surrendered without fight.
Lvbat 1. Div   Mobilized according to plan. Surrendered without fight.
Øvelseavd. 1. Div    
(the Guards battalion)
H.O.K Majorstue (Oslo) Kp.2-4 was in Oslo on 9.April. Kp.1 was in Elverum on exercises. ´Kp.1 was the heavy company with three MG-platoons and one mortar platoon.

Within D.K.2

I.R.4 - Akershus IR 2 Div   oberst Thor A Dahl
Reg.stab 2. Div Festningen, Oslo  
I 2. Div Trandum (Gardermoen)  
II 2. Div Trandum (Gardermoen) Mobilized as the small and improvised Bataljon Torkildsen (190 men).
Lvbat (expt. and 4) 2. Div Kongsvinger festning, Lvbat 2. Div Hovedøya (Oslo)  
Øvelseavd. 2. Div Trandum  
I.R.5 - Østoppland IR 2. Div   oberst Hiorth
Stab/IR5 2. Div Elverum  
I 2. Brig Terningmoen (Elverum) Mobilized according to plan.
II 2. Brig Jørstadmoen (north Lillehammer) In Trandum (Gardermoen) on 9.April
Lvbat (expt. and 3) 2. Div Terningmoen (Elverum) Lvbat 2. Div Starum (Toten) Lvbat 2. Div Jørstadmoen (north Lillehammer)  
Øvelseavd. 2. Div Terningmoen  
I.R.6 - Vestoppland IR 2. Div   oberst Carl Mork
Stab/IR6 2. Div Hønefoss  
I 2. Brig Helgelandsmoen (Hønefoss) Improvised mobilization
II 2. Brig Helgelandsmoen (Hønefoss) Improvised mobilization
Lvbat 2. Div Benterud (Hønefoss) at Oslofjord festning
The battalion had an improvised mobilization 2. Div Lunner (Hønefoss) 2. Div Dokka (Hønefoss)  
Øvelseavd. 2. Div Helgelandsmoen  

Within D.K.3

I.R.7 - Agder IR 3. Div   Oberst L. A. Gladstad
Reg. stab      
I 3. Brig Gimlemoen (Kristiansand)  
II 3. Brig Gimlemoen  
1 kp.Lvbat 3. Div Arendal  
2,3 kp.Lvbat 3. Div Odderøya (Kristiansand) Lvbat ( 3. Div Gimlemoen  
Stab Lvbat 3. Div Gimlemoen  
I.R.8 - Rogaland IR 3. Div   Oberst Spørck
Reg. stab 3. Div Stavanger  
I 3. Div Sviland OBS. Not part of 3.Brig
II 3. Div Madlamoen OBS. Not part of 3.Brig. Not mobilized
Lvbat. 3. Div Ålgård  
Øvelse avd. 3. Div Evjemoen  
Haugesundskp. 3. Div Vatland in Skjold (Haugesund) setup 27.Mars

Within D.K.4

I.R.9 - Nordaland IR 4. Div Bergen  
Reg. stab   Bergen  
I 4. Brig    
II 4. Brig Ulven och Bergen Lvbat.   Kvarven fort Lvbat.   Hellen fort  
?? Lvbat      
Øvelse avd.      
I.R.10 -
Sogn og Fjordane IR
4. Div    
Reg. Stab   Voss  
I 4. Brig Voss  
II 4. Brig Voss  
Lvbat.   Voss  
Øvelse avd.   Voss  

 Within D.K.5

I.R.11 - Møre IR 5. Div Molde oberst David Thue
Mobilized according to plan. It did also mobilize an additional field battalion (III/IR11)>
Reg. stab   Molde  
I   Setnesmoen (Åndalsnes)  
II   Setnesmoen  




Unit set up outside of normal organization at 24.April

Lvbat.   Setnesmoen  
Øvelse avd.   Setnesmoen  
3 x lufv.mitr.tropp + 2 x vaktdet.   Setnesmoen 3 AA machine gun platoons + 2 guard detachm.
I.R.12 - Sør-Trøndelag IR 5. Div Trondheim and Værnes oberst Erland Frisvold
Reg. stab   Trondheim  
I   Trondheim/Værnes In Finnmark since Jan 1940
II   Trondheim/Værnes Not mobilized
Lvbat. except two kp.   Værnes Not mobilized
two kp/Lvbat.   Storler at Nypan Depot used to organize improvised units, fighting south of Trondheim.
Øvelse avd.     Not mobilized
I.R.13 - Nord-Trøndelag IR 5. Div   oberst Ole B. Getz
Mobilized according to plan. It did also mobilize an additional field battalion (III/IR13)
Reg. stab   Steinkjer  
I   Steinkjer In Narvik area since Jan 1940
On 9th April in transfer Elvegårdsmoen to Narvik, 1kp stationed in Narvik
II   Steinkjer Since 8th April ready at Steinkjer
Øvelse avd.      

Within D.K.6

I.R.14 - Sør-Hålogaland IR 6. Div    
Reg. stab   Mosjøen  
I 6. Div Mosjøen Mobilized according to plan in April 1940
II 6. Div Mosjøen In Finnmark since Mars 1940
Lvbat. 6. Div Mosjøen Mobilized according to plan in April 1940
Øvelse avd. 6. Div Mosjøen  
I.R.15 - Nord-Hålogaland IR 6. Div    
Reg. stab   Narvik  
I 6. Brig Elvegårdsmoen Depot taken 9.April. Unit setup May 1940
II 6. Brig Elvegårdsmoen Setup Jan 1940. In transfer from Setermoen to Elvegårdsmoen at 9.April
Lvbat. 6. Div Elvegårdsmoen Depot taken 9. April.
Øvelse avd. 6. Div Elvegårdsmoen Depot taken 9. April.
I.R.16 - Troms IR 6. Div    
Reg. stab   Tromsø  
I 6. Brig Setermoen  
II 6. Brig Setermoen Setup 20.April
Lvbat. 6. Div    
Øvelse avd. 6. Div Setermoen  
Altabataljon 6. Div Altagard Setup mid April 1940
Varangerbataljon 6. Div Kirkenes Setup Jan 1940
Garnisjonskp. Sør Var. (GSV)
(reinforced company)
6. Div Kirkenes Setup end of April 1940


Support units

Unit Sup. unit Depot/
Peace location
Transport units
Bilkp.1 1. Brig 2 km west Ås (near Ski) New depot. Trucks still at Gardermoen and in Oslo. Some of the personnel organized as weak infantry company.
Bilkp.2 2. Brig Gardermoen  
Bilkp.3 3. Brig Evjemoen Partly mobilized
Bilkp.4 4. Brig ?  
Bilkp.5 5. Brig Trondheim Not mobilized
Bilkp.6 6. Brig Setermoen setup. Jan 40, 392 men and ca 150 vehicles
Bilkp.7 1. Div/
1. Brig?
Hokksund mob 230 men and 50-60 vehicles
Supply units
Forsyningscorpset H.O.K. ?  
Trenavd.1 1. Brig ?  
Trenavd.2 2. Brig ?  
Trenavd.3 3. Brig ?  
Trenavd.4 4. Brig ?  
Trenavd.5 5. Brig ?  
Trenavd.6 6. Brig ? Setup April 40
Ammunition supply train
Am.kol.1 1. Brig ?  
Am.kol.2 2. Brig ?  
Am.kol.3 3. Brig Evjemoen  
Am.kol.4 4. Brig ?  
Am.kol.5 5. Brig ?  
Am.kol.6 6. Brig ? Setup April 40
Supply service 1. Brig Fredrikstad 2. Brig Gardermoen 3. Brig Evjemoen, Odderöya 4. Brig ? 5. Brig ? 6. Brig Setermoen Setup Jan 40, positioned in Troms
Medical units 1. Brig Kampen skole (Oslo) Not mobilized 2. Brig Skøyen (Oslo) Not mobilized 3. Brig Evjemoen 4. Brig ? 5. Brig ? 6. Brig Elvegårdsmoen Setup Jan 40, positioned in Troms 6. Div ? Setup April 40
Field hospitals
Festningssykehus.1 1. Div ?  
Festningssykehus.2 1. Div? ?  
Mot.feltsykehus 1,7 1. Brig Oslo  
Mot.feltsykehus 2,8 2. Brig ?  
Mot.feltsykehus 3,9 3. Brig Evjemoen  
Mot.feltsykehus 4,10 4. Brig ?  
Mot.feltsykehus 5,11 5. Brig ?  
Mot.feltsykehus. 6,12,13 6. Div/
6. Brig
? Troms (setup Jan 40, 22.April 40, 20.April 40)
Veterinary units
Vetr.avd.1 1. Brig ? Not mobilized
Vetr.avd.2 2. Brig ?  
Vetr.avd.3 3. Brig Evjemoen  
Vetr.avd.4 4. Brig ?  
Vetr.avd.5 5. Brig ?  
Vetr.avd.6 6. Brig ? Troms, setup Jan 40


Ingenjørsvåpnet (engineer units)

Unit Superior
Depot Notes
Ingeniørreg. H.O.K.    
Reg.stab   Hvalsmoen (Hønefoss) 1. Brig Hvalsmoen 2. Brig Hvalsmoen 3. Brig Hvalsmoen 4. Brig Hvalsmoen 1. Brig Hvalsmoen 2. Brig Hvalsmoen 3. Brig Hvalsmoen In Bergen (on transit) on 9.April 4. Brig Hvalsmoen  
Ing bat.5 5. Brig Trondheim Ing bat.5 Trondheim Not mobilized Ing bat.5 Trondheim Not mobilized
Ing.bat.6 6. Brig Elvegårdsmoen 6 Ing.bat.6 Elvegårdsmoen Setup as Pi. detatch. in 6.Brig and 7.Brig in April 1940 6 Ing.bat.6 Elvegårdsmoen Troms, setup Jan 40 6. Div   setup Jan 40 6 6. Div   Narvik (setup Jan 40)
Brukp.  H.O.K. Hvalsmoen Bridge laying unit(s). Not mobilized. Equipment destroyed by bombing of Hvalsmoen.


Hærens flyvåpen (Army airforce)

Flyregimentet H.O.K Kjeller  
Bombervingen   Sola aircraft: 4 Caproni, 3-4 Fokker, 2 Moth (training)
personell: 35 off, 12 civilians, ca:83 other
(about 80 of them on way from Geilo)
Speidervingen     aircraft:
Jægervingen   Fornebu aircraft:
Trøndelag flyveavd. (TFA)   Værnes Setup Sept. 1939
aircraft: 9 Fokker (recc), 1 Moth (training)
personell: 32 off, 112 men (1/3 not mobilized)
luftvern (AA): 1 lfv.tropp
Hålogaland flyveavd. (HFA)   Bardufoss, Banak, Seida Setup end of Feb. 1940
aircraft: 6 Fokker, 3 stafettfly?, 1 transport
luftvern (AA): 2 lfv.tropp


The information is mainly taken from the official Norwegian army history "Krigen i Norge".
Other sources are:
"Norsk artilleri gjennom 300 år" by Zeiner - Gundersen

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