Naval aircrafts
M.F.8 and 10 (trainer)
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Basing 9.April:
Horten: F.202
Kristiansand: F.204

M.F.11 (reconnaissance)

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The M.F.11 were used as reconnaissance and light bomber.  It was also used to transport couriers and officers.

Basing 9.April:
Horten: F.304, F.306, F.308, F.334, F.348
Kristiansand: F.326, F.328, F.332
Bergen: F.310, F.312, F.316, F.332
Hafrsfjord: F.324, F.346
Aunöy: F.342
Tromsö (Vadsö on 1/4 40): F.336, F.344

Heinkel He 115A-2 (bomber/torpedo)
two 960hp BMW 132K

Max speed: 300 km/h at 1000m

Max range: 2800 km

2 flexible MG
1 fix forward MG
2 fix rearward MG

Load: 1250 kg bombs or 1 45cm torpedo

Crew: 3

Heinkel He115 was a twin engine floatplane. Twelve He 115A-2 were ordered by Norwegian Navy but only six were delivered before April 1940 [3]. They were used by naval air force as reconnaissance, bomber and torpedo plane. They got the designations F.50, F.52, F.54, F.56, F.58 and F.60. Two were captured from the Germans and got the designations F.62 and F.64. [2]

F.52 and F.58 was based at Bergen and F.60 at Stavanger. The rest operated from Tromsö. They had no success in attacks on ships on 9.April. As for their operations during the rest of the war I have not studied it in detail.

F.62 was the former M2+EH of 1./Kü.Fl.Gr.106 of Lt.z.S. Joachim Vogler, who had to do an emergency landing on 13.04.40 at Sola-See near Bodö, and F.64 was formerly also of 1./Kü.Fl.Gr.106. [3] They were taken into Norwegian use at the end of April and based at Tromsö.

Fate of the planes [2]:
F.52 and F.58 escaped from southern Norway on the 1st and 2nd May. F.52 to Scotland and F.58 to northern Norway. F.56, F.58 and F.64, escaped from Northern Norway to Shetland just before the Norwegian surrender, and at least two of them continued to serve in the Allied forces. F.54 failed to reach Shetland and had to return to Norway, where it was lost. F.50 got engine trouble and flew to Finland instead. F.62 was not airworthy and remained in Tromsö and was retaken by the Germans after the surrender. F.60 was taken by the Germans near Stavanger on 9.April.

According to [3] the Planes reaching Britain were used by RAF, with two in Malta and two in Scotland. The two in Malta were also used for secret operations with German markings.

Lots of thanks to Peter Kreuzer in Austria for data and picture.

Basing 9.April:
Bergen: F.52, F.58,
Hafrsfjord (Stavanger): F.60
Tromsö: F.50, F.54, F.56, F.62*, F.64*
*) Grounded German planes taken into Norwegian use at the end of April.

D.T.2 (torpedo)
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Not in active service by WW2. Still kept as reserve though.

Basing 9.April:
Horten: F.84, F.86
Bergen: F.90, F.92, F.94

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[2] Norges Sjökrig 1-4
[3] H.-P. Dabrowski, Heinkel He 115, Waffen-Arsenal 143