Planned deployment of Norwegian army

This section describes the planned deployment of the Norwegian forces after mobilization, in the case of a feared invasion over the sea (alternative A in the Norwegian planning). The units are listed after the command they sorted below. Note that the organization and plans dedscribed below never was relevant during the German invasion.

Defence minister: Birger Ljungberg (sjef IR1)


Commanding General: Kristian Laake (65)

H.O.K was the Over Command of the Army. The commander was titulated Kommanderende General (Comamnding General). In case of war it would not only be superior commander of the district commands. It would also function as District Command over the first and second districts (D.K.1 and D.K.2), which would no longer function as independent districts i case of war. The district commanders of D.K.1 and D.K.2 would get other functions. The unified district would be divided into two "avsnitt" (sectors); the east and west side of Oslofjord. The sectors were in their turn divided into subsectors, "vaktavsnitt" (guard sectors).

Army reserve

The units below are army reserve as well as units belonging to the district, but not tied to a sector. I have not been able to establish which unit belonged where, except that one source named the first five unit below as Army reserve.

1.Brig (I,II/I.R.2, I,II/I.R.3,, one battalion A.R.1)
2.Brig (I,II/I.R.5, I,II/I.R.6,, one battalion A.R.2)
12cm mot.haubitsbat.
10,5cm mot.kanonbat. 

Garden (Guards battalion)

Oslofjord østside (east side of Oslofjord)

The mission was to delay enemy landings and subsequent advance, secure the landfront of Oslofjord coastal fortress and hold Tunøy and the land west of river Glåma.

unit position notes
Avsnittsjef (sector commander) Tunøy prestegård (N Sarpsborg) the commander of I.R.1, Maj John Hagle
I/I.R.1 Tunøya sector reserve
II/I.R.1 Tunøya sector reserve
1 x sanitetavd. Tunøya medical unit
1 x bruvaktavd. Tunøya bridge guard unit
Sarpsborg fortress
- Greåker fort
- Ravneberget fort
3 x sikringsvakter Greåker, Ravneberget, Hafslund guard units (of objects)


Avs.sjef (guard sector commander) Skjeberg prestegård the commander of Lvbat/I.R.1
Lv.bat/I.R.1   local defence battalion
1 x batt 6.5cm bergkan   2 x 6,5cm mountain gun
1 x bruvaktavd. (1 tropp)   1 platoon bridge guard
1 x sykebæreravd. (1/2 tropp)   half platoon of stretcher bearers
8 x vaktdetasjementer 1 at Ørseng
5 at Ingedal
2 at Ugjestby
guard detachments along the coast etc.
1 x sikringsvakt Fredriksten (Halden) guard unit of Fredriksten castle
1 x telegrafvakt Sponvika guard unit of telegraph station


Avs.sjef (guard sector commander) Kristinelund hovedgård
(V. Fredrikstad)
the commander of Lvbat/IR4
Lv.bat/I.R.4 less one company   local defence battalion
Lv.hjulr.esk/D.R.1   local defence bicycle company
1 x batt 6.5cm bergkan   2 x 6,5cm mountain gun
1 x sambandstropp   signal platoon
1 x sanitetsavd   medical unit
5 x vaktdetasjementer Slevik, Øidnekilen, Trolldalen, Holmekjær, Tose guard detachments along the coast
1 x sikringsvakt (1 kp.) Fredrikstad guard company in Fredrikstad
6 x telegrafvakt Ø & V Fredrikstad, Bævøtangen, Raketangen, Vesterøy, Kirkøy guard units of telegraph stations

Oslofjord vestside (west side of Oslofjord)

unit position notes
Avsnittsjef (sector commander) Haukerud (4km NV Sandefjord) the commander of I.R.4, Oberst Thor Dahl
I/I.R.4 Sandefjord sector reserve
II/I.R.4 Sandefjord sector reserve
Lv.bat/I.R.3 Brevik - Skien  
Lv.bat/I.R.6 Larvik - Sandefjord  
1 x batt 6.5cm bergkan   2 x 6,5cm mountain gun
1 x sambandstropp   signal platoon
1 x sanitetsavd.   medical unit
x vaktdetasjement Bamble, Langesund, Stathelle, Brevik, Eidanger, Langangen, Larvik, Skreppestad guard detachments (10 to 20 men)
x sikringsvakt   guard units (of objects)
x telegrafvakt   guard units of telegraph stations

D.K.3 Sørlandet

Distriktssjef (district commander) Generalmajor E. Liljedahl
Distriktskommando (staff)

District reserve
3.Brig (I/I.R.7, II/I.R.7,, 1 bg.bat) - observe that the Brigade only contains two infantry battalions

Arendalsavsnittet (Kragerø-Arendal)

unit position notes
Avsnittsjef (sector commander) Arendal  
1 x kp. Lv.bat/I.R.7 Arendal one local defence company of I.R.7
1 x lv.batt. Bg.bat I Arendal 2x6,5 cm mtn guns
1 x tropp Lv.bat/I.R.7 Tvedesand one local defence platoon of I.R.7
1 x tropp Lv.bat/I.R.7 Risør one local defence platoon of I.R.7
1 x tropp Lv.bat/I.R.7 Kragerø one local defence platoon of I.R.7

Kristiansandsavsnittet (Grimstad-Snigsfjord)

Avsnittsjef (sector commander) Gimlemoen Lv.bat/I.R.7 (mitr.) Gimlemoen machine gun company of local defence bat.
1 x lv.batt. Bg.bat I Arendal 2x6,5 cm mtn guns
2 x kp. Lv.bat/I.R.7 Kristiansand and the fortress  
1 x tropp Lv.bat/I.R.7 Grimstad  

Listaavsnittet ( - Fedafjord)

Avsnittsjef (sector commander)    
Lv.bat/I.R.? - 1 kp.    
1 x tropp L/I.R.? Mandal  
1 x tropp L/I.R.? Farsund  
1 x lv.batt. Bg.bat I   2x6,5 cm mtn guns

Jærenavsnittet (Fedafjord - )

According to plan by the divisional commander and (with some doubt) approved by KG the defence would begin at the shoreline. The Regimental commander of I.R.8 had made protests against this plan. As a result of the plan a number of concrete bunkers were built, mainly along the western shores of the Stavanger peninsula.

Avsnittsjef (sector commander)   Commander of I.R.8, oberst Spørck
I/I.R.8   sector reserve
II/I.R.8   sector reserve
Lv.bat/I.R.8 - 2 kp Stavanger area local defence battalion less two companies
1 x kp.Lv.bat/I.R.8 Egersund  
1 x Lv.bat/I.R.8 Egersund machine gun company of local def. bat.
Haugesundskp. Haugesund independent company


D.K.4 Vestlandet



D.K.5 Trøndelag



D.K.6 Nord-Norge