Organization charts

Norwegian Infantry Brigade  organization table


Norwegian Infantry battalion  organization table


Norwegian Infantry company

There were two different infantry company organizations in use. This is one. The other was with four platoons with two LMG in each.

Norwegian infantry platoon

There were also an alternative organization with two LMG in a platoon, used in the four platoon company. 

Staff company of Norwegian infantry battalion

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Norwegian Cavalry Regiment  organization table

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The organization of the Dragonregiment (cavalry regiment) is somewhat unclear. It is possible that the three regiments had different organization. Anyway, none of them were setup entirely according to plan. In general the regiments seems to have one section mounted on horses/horse drawn and one section mounted on bicycles/motorized. Each section had one MG-squadron but the number of rifle squadrons seems to vary.

For D.R.1 on paper organization was totally disregarded.
D.R.2 mobilized two horse mounted squadrons and one bicycle squadron in addition to the MG-squadrons. They also mobilized a number of improvised units.
D.R.3 mobilized one horse mounted squadron and two bicycle squadrons in addition to the MG-squadrons.

The mortar unit is called tropp (platoon) in D.R.2 and eskadron (squadron) in D.R.3, but in booth cases it only contained two mortars.
Support troops were organized under the staff squadron, with some functions distributed to the combat squadrons.