The Allied army and air force in Norway

British army and marine forces

15th Brigade infantry
Landed in Åndalsnes 23 - 25.April
- HQ
- 1st bat Green Howards
- 1st bat Kings Own Yorkshire Light Inf.
- 1st bat York and Lancaster Reg.
Brigadier H. E. F. Smyth
24th Brigade infantry
Landed in Harstad and Salangen (2 comp. of Scots Guard) on 15-16.April
- HQ
- 1st bat Scots Guard
- 1st bat Irish Guard
- 2nd bat South Wales Borderers 
Brigadier W. Fraser
146th Brigade infantry
Landed in Namsos night to 17.April and evening of 17.April
- HQ
- I/4th Royal Lincolnshire Reg.
- Hallamshire bat/
York and Lancaster Reg.
Brigadier C.G. Phillips
148th Brigade infantry
Landed in Åndalsnes 18 - 20.April
- HQ
- I/5th Royal Leicestershire Reg.
- I/8th Sherwood Foresters
- liaison platoon
- one platoon of 168th light AA battery (attached) 
- one platoon of 55th Field Company (attached)
- a small field hospital (attached)
- supply detachment
Brigadier H. de R. Morgan
Independent Companies infantry Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Operated in Mosjöen - Bodö area from 9-13.May  
one troop of
3rd Kings Own Hussars
Narvik area
Only personnel, no tanks!
203rd Field Batt./51st Field Reg. field  artillery Tvelve 25 pdr guns
Narvik area, one troop sent to Mosjöen - Bodö area. C
rew arrived 22.April, guns a week later.
one section of AA battery   Mosjöen - Bodö area from 9-11.May AA battery   Åndalsnes (with 148th and 15th Brigades)  
6. AA Brigade   51st, 55th, 56th regiments (see below) AA-reg   151, 152, 153.batt. 
Narvik area from late May. AA-reg.    163, 164, 165.batt. 
Narvik area from early May, one troop to Mosjöen - Bodö area AA-reg.   3, 167.batt.
3.batt l
anded in Harstad with 24.Brigade (15-16.April).
167.batt arrived late May
82.hvy AA-reg.   156, 193, 256.hvy AA-batt (see below)  
156.hvy AA battery   Narvik area, arrived late May  
193.hvy AA battery   Narvik area, arrived around 7.May  
256.hvy AA battery   Narvik area, arrived late May  
260.hvy AA battery   Åndalsnes (with 15th Brigade)  
55.Field Company engineers Åndalsnes (with 148th and 15th Brigade)  
229.Field Company engineers Landed in Harstad with 24.Brigade (15-16.April).  
230.Field Company engineers Landed in Harstad with 24.Brigade (15-16.April). A detachment sent to Mosjöen - Bodö area  
detach. of
231.Field Park Cpy.
engineers Landed in Harstad with 24.Brigade (15-16.April).  
146.Field hospital medic Åndalsnes  
4 A.L.C and 4 M.L.C arrived around 29.April
2 M.L.C shortly after.
Landing party, op Henry  Royal marine Landed in Namsos 14.April  
Landing party, op Primrose  Royal marine Landed in Åndalsnes 17.April AA-batt Royal marine Eight 2 pdr AA-guns. 
Landed in Åndalsnes 17.April
11.Searchlight Regiment
Royal marine Two searchlights.  
Landed in Åndalsnes 17.April

French forces

Chasseurs Alpins
Landed in Namsos 19.April 22:00-20.April 03:00
13.BCA (Battaillon Chasseurs Alpins)
67.BCA Brig. Bethouart
Chasseurs Alpins
Narvik area. Landed 28.April in Salangen (6. and 14.BCA) and Bogen (12.BCA)
- HQ
- 6.BCA
- 12.BCA
- 14.BCA
Lieutenant-colonel Valentini
Legion Etranger
Narvik area, arrived 6.May to Harstad
- HQ
- 1.Bat
- 2.Bat
Lieutenant-colonel Margin-Vernerey
342.Indep. Tank Company 10 light tanks
Narvik area, arrived late April-beginning of May 
2nd Indep. Group Colonial Artillery Narvik area, one battery arrived 4.May
twelve 7.5cm guns
of 13th Chasseurs Alpins
Narvik area, arrived late April-beginning of May  


Polish forces
A brigade of exiled Poles, armed by the French, participated in the operations in the Narvik area.

Polish Brigade Operated south of Narvik. Arrived 9.May to Harstad
- HQ
- 1.Demi-Brig.
  - 1.Bat.
  - 2.Bat.
- 2.Demi-Brig.
  - 3.Bat.
  - 4.Bat.
General Zygmunt Szyszko Bohucz


Royal Air Force

Most allied air missions over Norway was by RAF-units from the British mainland and Orkney, and by the Fleet Air Arm, from the carriers. The following air-force units were based in Norway at one time or another.

263.Squadron 18 Gladiators. Based at lake east of Åndalsnes 25-27.April but quickly neutralized. Later (26-27.May) 3 Gladiators of the squadron operated from Bodö.
46.Squadron Hurricanes. Based at Bardufoss, Narvik
11.Observer screen  


North Western Expeditinary Force
General Liutenant H.R.S. Massy

- Sickleforce (Åndalsnes, south of Trondheim)
  General Major Bernard C. T. Paget (from 25.April)

- Mauriceforce (Namsos, north of Trondheim)
  General Major Carton de Wiart