Allied transport of units

Here the convoys transporting units to and from Norway will be described.

Operation Henry [2]

A detachment of seamen and marines from HMS Glasgow and Sheffield lands in Namsos on 14.April. Their mission is to set up a base for future operations. They are in all 350 men. On 17.April they embark again.

Operation Primrose [1]

A detachment of seamen and marines from HMS Hood, Nelson and Barham (then in dock) were in all haste assembled and sent toward ┼lesund in four sloops. Their mission was to set up a base for future operations. The target were changed while underway and on evening 17.April they debark at ┼ndalsnes and with a smaller detachment sent to ┼lesund. They are in all 45 officers and 680 men. Heavier equipment is 21st light AA-battery with eight 2 pdr AA-guns, two 3.7 inch howitzers and two searchlights from 11th Searchlight Regiment of Royal Marines. In ┼lesund two 4 inch naval guns and later two 3 inch high angle guns were stationed. It is unclear if the guns in ┼lesund ever were combat ready as they lacked important parts.

Operation Sicle [1]


17.April the 148th Brigade embarks in Rosyth

Half the Leicesters battalion were transported to Molde on cruiser Arethusa and AA-cruiser Carlisle to Molde.

The Brigade HQ (parts), the Foresters battalion, were transported to ┼ndalsnes on cruiser Galatea, AA-cruiser Curacoa and destroyers Acheron and Arrow.


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