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Luftwaffe OB for operation Weserübung


All Luftwaffe units participating in the invasion of Norway and Denmark sorted under X Fliegerkorps. The X Fliegerkorps was set up at autumn 1939 to conduct offensive operations over the sea. It was strongly reinforced for operation Weserübung. The commander was Generalleutnant Hans Ferdinand Geisler (48). Some naval aircraft units were also involved and are listed at the end.

Ground troops

The ground troops involved under luftwaffe command was a battalion of paratroopers and three anti aircraft-battalions. The latter meant for airfield defence - thus under luftwaffe command.

Fallschirmjaeger-Reg. 1 Oberst Bruno Bräuer (47)

I/Flak-Regiment 32
II/Flak-Regiment 33
I/Flak-Regiment 611 

Unit / Composition Commander Target / order Basing 6th April
X Fliegerkorps Generalleutnant Hans Ferdinand Geisler (48) Set up at autumn 1939 to conduct offensive operations over the sea. Responsible for Luftwaffe participation in Weserubung  
I./ 1. Fallschrmjäger Regiment Hauptmann Erich Walter (36) Occupy important airfields in Norway and Denmark on the 9th of April  
Staff of 1.Bataljon Oberleutnant Götte Assault on Fornebu  
- Oberleutnant Herberth Smidt Assault on Fornebu  
- Hauptmann Gröschke Assault on Fornebu  
-   Assault on Sola  
-   Assault on Ålborg  
I./Flak Regt. 32      
II./Flak Regt. 33      
I./Flak Regt. 611      

Special mission air units

Three special communication aircrafts (Ju52) are to follow KG z.b.V.1 to Fornebu and establish contact with X Fliegercorps upon landing.

One Ju52 under Transportchef Land will do reconnaissance over Östlandet 
One Ju52 under Transportchef Land will do reconnaissance over Trondheim-Värnes
One Ju90 under Transportchef Land will fly to Narvik

580 Ju52
6 Ju90
1 G.38
4 Fw200 (Condor)

Transportchef Land: Oberstleutnant Carl August von Gablenz (46)
The aircrafts intended for Norway were on order from 4th Mars divided into seven groups (Kampgruppe zur besonderes Verwendungen). Each group consisted of 53 aircrafts (with a few minor exceptions); 4 Staffel of 12 aircrafts and 5 staff aircrafts.


Unit / Composition Basing 6th April Target Load Commander
Kampfgeschwader z.b.V.1       Oberstleutnant Karl Drewes (44)
II/Kampfgeschwader z.b.V.1 Stendal (Schleswig from 8th April)     Oberstleutnant Friedrich Morzik (48)
5. and 6.Staffel (29 Ju52)   Fornebu (at Oslo) and (parts)  
7.Staffel   Sola (at Stavanger) (parts)  
8.Staffel   Ålborg (Denmark) (parts)  
III/Kampfgeschwader z.b.V.1   Fornebu 20mm AA-guns  
Kampfgruppe z.b.V.101
(53 Ju52)
Neumünster Fornebu Load: ?  
Kampfgruppe z.b.V.102
(53 Ju52)
Neumünster Fornebu Load: ?  
Kampfgruppe z.b.V.103
(53 Ju52)
Dispersed (Schleswig fr. 8th April) Fornebu II/IR324  
Kampfgruppe z.b.V.104 Stade (west Hamburg)   Load: ?  
Kampfgruppe z.b.V.105 Holtenau (near Kiel) Fornebu Fuel and AA-equipment  
Kampfgruppe z.b.V.106 Uetersen (northeast Hamburg)      
Kampfgruppe z.b.V.107 Fuhlsbüttel (at Hamburg) Fornebu    
1.-3.Staffel (31 Ju52)        
4.Staffel (6 Ju90, 1 G.38, 4 Fw200 (Condor))        
1 Staffel/KGr. z.b.V. 9 (under KGr. 101 and III/KG 1) (12 Ju52)   Fornebu 20mm AA-guns  
Kampfgruppe z.b.V.108       Detached from F.d.L West
(22 He59, 1 Ju52 See)


30 Me Bf109E
70 Me Bf110C

Unit Aircraft Basing Target/order Commander
I/ZG 76 (- 1 Staffel + 3.Staffel/ZG 1) Me110C Jever Support of air assault of Fj.R.1  
1.Staffel     Fornebu  
2.Staffel     Ålborg-West and Ålborg-East  
3.Staffel     Sola  
II/JG 77 Me109E   Denmark  
I/ZG 1     Escort KG 4 over Denmark  


ca:290 bombers and 40 Stuka (ca:220 on 9th April)

Unit Aircraft Basing Target/order/notes Commander
I,II,III/KG26 (Löwengeschwader) He111 Blankensee
Prepared to bomb Norwegian resistance. 7.Staffel demonstrating over Oslo at daybreak, dropping leaflets.  
KGr.100/KG 26 He111 Nordholz
(HQ at Luneburg)
Prepared to bomb Norwegian resistance in Oslofjord.  
I,II,III/KG 4 (General Wever) He111 Fassberg (HQ)
Demonstrate over Kopenhavn. Assist ground troops in Jylland.
III/KG 4 demonstrates over Norway between Kristiansand and Bergen.
Only III.Gruppe after 15th April
I,II,III/KG30 ?      
KG40 Fw200   1 Staffel Fw200  
I/St.G 1 Ju87R Holtenau Two Staffel ready to assist. Rest ready to transfer to Sola, and possibly Trondheim  



Unit Aircraft Basing Target/order/notes Commander
1. Staffel / Fernaufkl. Gruppe 120 Do 17F   Arendal - Oslo area  
1. Staffel / Fernaufkl. Gruppe 122 He 111, 
Ju 88D
2.Staffel / Heeresaufkl. Gruppe 10        
1. and 2.Staffel / Kustenfl. Aufkl.Gr. 506 He115   Detached from F. d. Luft West Major Minner
1.Staffel / Kustenfl. Aufkl.Gr. 106     Detached from F. d. Luft West  


Other air units involved (not under X. Fl.Korps)

F. d. Luft West

Aufkl.Gr. 406
(5 Staffel)
flugboote (Do18 ?) Hörnum   Major Stockmann
Aufkl.Gr. 806
(2 Staffel)
He111i ütersen   Oberstlt. v. Wild
Transozeanstaffel 2 Do26      


F. d. Luft Ost

Aufkl.Gr. 806
(1 Staffel)
Aufkl.Staffel (See) 1/706 ?      
Bordfliegerstaffel 5/196 Ar96      
Küstenfl.Gr. 606 Do17Z      


German army OB for operation Weserübung

Two army groups were involved in operation Weserubung. Armeegruppe XXI with commander Kommandierender General; General der Inf. von Falkenhorst and army group staff commander Oberst Buschenhagen, was responsible for ground operations in Norway, while Armeegruppe XXXI under commander Kommandierender General, General der Flieger Kaupisch and Army group staff commander Generalmajor Himer, was responsible for the occupation of Denmark.


Unit Commander order/notes
Armeegruppe XXI    Occupy Norway
Kommandierender General; General der Inf. von Falkenhorst  
Army group staff Oberst Buschenhagen  
Korps-Nachrichtenabteilung 463    
Pioner-Regimentsstab z.b.V. 667 Oberstleutnant Ullersperger  
schwere Artillerie-Abteilung (mot.) 730 (10cm guns)    
Eisenbahntruppen Haubtmann Benninghoff  
2 kp Eisenbahn-Ausbesserungs-
Truppen (railroad engineers)
Marinartilleri   personell to man conquered Norwegian artillery.
2. Gebirgsdiv.
1.Welle, Wehrkreis XVIII (Salzburg)
 Generalleutnant Feurstein  
Geb.Jäger-Regiment 136    
Geb.Jäger-Regiment 137    
Geb.Artillerie-Rgt 111 (except IV.Abt., sFH)    
Geb.Panzerjäger-Abt. 47    
Geb.Aufklärungs-Abt. 67    
Geb.Pionier-Bataillon. 82    
Geb.Nachrichten-Abt. 67    
3. Gebirgsdiv
1.Welle, Wehrkreis XVIII (Salzburg)
Generalmajor Eduard Dietl  Narvik, Trondheim
Geb.Jäger-Regiment 138    
Geb.Jäger-Regiment 139    
Geb.Artillerie-Rgt 112 (except IV.Abt., sFH)    
Geb.Panzerjäger-Abt. 48    
Geb.Aufklärungs-Abt. 68    
Geb.Pionier-Bataillon. 83    
Geb.Nachrichten-Abt. 68    
69. Inf.Div
2.Welle, Wehrkreis VI (Münster)
Generalmajor Tittel  Stavanger, Bergen, Egersund
Infanterie Regiment 159    
Infanterie Regiment 193    
Infanterie Regiment 236    
Artilleri Regiment 169    
Panzerjäger Abt. 169    
Aufklärungs Abt. 169    
Pionier Bataillon. 169    
Nachrichten Abt. 169    
163. Inf.Div
7.Welle, Wehrkreis III (Berlin)
Generalmajor Engelbrecht Oslo, Kristiansand, Arendal
Infanterie-Regiment 307    
Infanterie-Regiment 310    
Infanterie Regiment 324 Oberst Helmuth Nickelmann (46)  
Artilleri-Regiment 234 (3 Abt. lFH)    
Panzerjäger-Kompanie 234    
Radfahrschwadron 234    
Pionier-Bataillon. 234    
Nachrichten-Abt. 234    
181. Inf.Div
7.Welle, Wehrkreis XI (Hannover)
Generalmajor Woytasch Follow up through Oslo toward Trondheim
Infanterie-Regiment 334    
Infanterie-Regiment 349    
Infanterie-Regiment 359    
Artilleri-Regiment 222 (3 Abt. lFH)    
Panzerjäger-Kompanie 222    
Radfahrschwadron 222    
Pionier-Bataillon. 222    
Nachrichten-Abt. 222    
196. Inf.Div
7.Welle, Wehrkreis XX (Danzig)
Generalmajor Pellengahr Follow up through Oslo to Swedish border
Infanterie-Regiment 340 Oberst Hermann Fischer Losses to submarines on transport from Germany
Infanterie-Regiment 345 Oberst Ländle Big losses to submarines on transport from Germany
Infanterie-Regiment 362 Oberstleutnant Schaller  
Artilleri-Regiment 233 (3 Abt. lFH)    
Panzerjäger-Kompanie 233    
Radfahrschwadron 233    
Pionier-Bataillon. 233    
Nachrichten-Abt. 233    
214. Inf.Div
3.Welle (Landwehr), Wehrkreis IX (Kassel)
Generalmajor Horn Follow up to Kristiansand, Stavanger
Infanterie-Regiment 355    
Infanterie-Regiment 367    
Infanterie-Regiment 388    
Artilleri-Regiment 214    
Panzerjäger-Abt. 214    
Aufklärungs-Abt. 214    
Pionier-Bataillon. 214    
Nachrichten-Abt. 214    


Unit Commander order/notes
Armegruppe XXXI   Occupy Denmark
Kommandierender General General der Flieger Kaupisch  
Army group staff Generalmajor Himer  
Panzer-Abteilung z.b.V. 40
- 3 Panzerkompanien (PzI and PzII)
Oberstleutnant Volckheim To A.G.XXI from 14th april
Maschinengewehr-Bataillon (mot.) 4   To A.G.XXI from 14th april
Maschinengewehr-Bataillon (mot.) 13   To A.G.XXI from 14th april
Maschinengewehr-Bataillon (mot.) 14   To A.G.XXI from 14th april
I/Regiment General Göring (mot.) Haubtmann Kluge To A.G.XXI from 14th april
2. and 3./schwere Artillerie-Abt (mot.) 729 (10cm guns)    
I/Flak-Regiment 8    
I/Flak-Regiment 19    
Korps-Nachrichtenabteilung 431    
Eisenbahn-Panzer Züge 23    
Eisenbahn-Panzer Züge 24    
Eisenbahn-Panzer Züge 25    
Eisenbahn-Bau-Kp. 24    
II/Kraftf.-Transport-Rgt. 602    
2 Bataillonen SS-Totenkopf-Rgt. 6   To A.G.XXI from ?
170. Inf.Div
7.Welle, Wehrkreis X (Hamburg)
Generalmajor Wittke Jylland
Infanterie-Regiment 391    
Infanterie-Regiment 399    
Infanterie-Regiment 401    
Artilleri-Regiment 240 (3 Abt. lFH)    
Panzerjäger-Kompanie 240    
Radfahrschwadron 240    
Pionier-Bataillon. 240    
Nachrichten-Abt. 240    
198. Inf.Div
7.Welle, Wehrkreis V (Stuttgart)
Generalmajor Roettig Sjelland, Östfyn
Infanterie-Regiment 305    
Infanterie-Regiment 308    
Infanterie-Regiment 326    
Artilleri-Regiment 235 (3 Abt. lFH)    
Panzerjäger-Kompanie 235    
Radfahrschwadron 235    
Pionier-Bataillon. 235    
Nachrichten-Abt. 235    
11. Schützen Brigade (mot.)
Wehrkreis III (Berlin)
Oberst Angern Reach Ålborg airfield in northen Jylland the 10.April
13th May sent to France
Schützen-Regiment (mot.) 110    
Schützen-Regiment (mot.) 111    

Fornebu 9:e april by Cato Guhnfeldt
Weserubung by Walter Hubatsch