German OB at different operations

OB after 9th of April

German units in Oslo


I.R.345/I.D.196 stays as garrison in Oslo from 11th of April, and takes care of victims of the sea transport.


German units in Østfold 9-15/4

From 9/4

After the initial landings in the bay at Son north of Moss most troops march north. Bicycle squadron 233 stays and guards the Moss and Son area

From 12/4

I.R.362/I.D.196 advances from Oslo on Norwegian forces in Østfold in three columns:

South column (improvised motorization):
I/I.R.362. (Major Georg Mätschke)
2 batteries/I/A.R.233. (8x105mm haub, improvised motorization)
1 platoon/bicycle squadron 233.

Middle column (improvised motorization):
reinforced company of I.R.324. 

North column (by foot and horse):
1 battery/I/A.R.233. (4x105mm haub, horse drawn)
1 platoon/bicycle squadron 233.

German OB northeast Oslo

From 11/4

IV/I.R.138/Mtn.Div.3 at Andelva

From 12/4

IV/I.R.138/Mtn.Div.3 at Minnesund bridge and guard against Hurdalsjöen.

I.R.345/I.D.196 occupies Lillestrøm, supprts the northen flank of I.R.362 and advances to northeast.

III/I.R.340 (minus cmp.9 and 1 pl. from cmp.11)
cmp.14/I.R.340 (mot AT-comp.)
2 pl./cmp.14/I.R.345
bicycle sq. 233 (minus 1 pl.)

Night before 13/4

Against Trøgstad (in Østfold):

cmp.5,7, 1 pl./cmp.8, 1 pl./cmp.11, 1 pl?/cmp.14 from I.R.340
1x105h from A.R.233

Against Minnesund, east of Vorma:

cmp.6/I.R.340, 1 pl./cmp.8/I.R.340,
2 pl./cmp.14/I.R.345,
1 pl./bicycle sq.233