Geb.reg in 1939:
1 RegHQ
3 BatHQ
4 Signal platoons
81 squad with LMG
18 HMG teams
27 50mm mortar teams
18 81mm mortar teams
6 75mm inf.gun
9 Pioneer plt. (27 squads?) Seems an awful lot - Could possibly be just one third as many - the symbols are a bit difficult to understand.
12 37mm AT-gun (motorized)
4 squads with LMG (motorized)
1 light transport column (motorized) (my guess is about 10 1.5 ton trucks)

This would sum up to about 200 squads of all kinds
Inf.Reg (2nd Wave i.e 69th Div):
1 RegHQ
3 BatHQ
1 Signal plt
81 squads with LMG
36 HMG teams
12 37mm AT-gun (motorized)
4 squads with LMG (motorized)
8 75mm inf.gun
1 cavalry platoon (on horse)
1 15 ton transport column (horse drawn)

This would sum up to about 150 squads of all kinds
3rd wave (214th Div) had about 12 HMG and 27 LMG-squads more.
The rest of the divisions belonged to the 7th wave and had less equipment.

Could they have squads without LMG? In that case they wouldn't turn up here (which indicates 3 squads per platoon and 3 platoons per company).

what is a Radfahrschwadron and how was it equipped?

Bicycle squadroon. Seems to be 9 LMG-squads and 2 HMG teams. 1 wave divisions also had 3 50mm mortars in the unit.