Norway 1940 
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This page is an index over all the pages on my Norway site, for those of you who want a more direct approach than the normal navigating through different layers.

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Political prelude

The Invasion
Battle for the North
German assault on Fornebu
The battle for Østfold
Map Askim area 12:00
Map Askim area 13:00

Neutrality breaks
The invasion hour by hour
Events in Oslo
Events east of Oslofjord
Events west of Oslofjord
Orders from Norwegian HQs


Reference main page

Norwegian OB and organization
Norwegian forces main page
Norwegian army main
Norwegian invasion planning

Organization charts (graphic diagrams)
Norwegian army units (OB)
Infantry brigade composition (TOE)
Misc. unit composition (TOE)
Norwegian mobilization

Norwegian navy
Navy organization
Norwegian ships

Norwegian air force organization
Army air force aircrafts
Naval air force aircrafts

Norwegian fortifications

German OB and organization
German forces main page
German invasion OB
German transport groups
German transportation of units
German OB for different operations

Norwegian weapons


Geography main page
Scandinavia map
South Norway map

Oslofjord map
Oslo map

Situation map Askim 12:00
Situation map Askim 13:00

Strategy map
City map
Fortification map
Map over army establishments

Articles from external contributors 
Discussion over Norwegian military and political strategy
Panzer Abt. z.b.V.40