Welcome to my old pet project. A thorough description of the German invasion of Norway from the Norwegian point of view. I hope you'll find something of interest here.


My name is Robert Mårtensson and I live in Uppsala, Sweden.
I am a software designer and do this kind of stuff just because I can't stop myself.

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The site has two goals. The first was to collect and present reference info about the battle of Norway for interested people, like game designers (like me) and other "nerds". The second was to write about the less known part of the campaign, i e the part fought before the intervention by the British and French, and to give my analysis of the battles. The last part I haven't even begun with though.

Most of the pages uses frames. I'm sorry if you can't handle them. 
I have had some trouble in classifying the data at the site into categories. I'm working on it though. Until problem is solved I guess the internal organisation may be a bit confusing at times.

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 Log of updates    Last update June 2015. Brushing up things and adding a section about Narvik.