Allied timeline

This table lists the main events where the Allied were involved, day by day. 

date description
16/2 Altmark incident: British destroyer Cossack enters a Norwegian fjord and seizes the German ship Altmark.
5/4 General Mackesy receives order to land in Narvik and push on to Gällivare (in Sweden) as quickly as possible.
8/4 British destroyers lays mines on Norwegian waters south of Narvik.
The Allied expeditionary force to Narvik embarks in Scottish ports.
9/4 British expedition to Norway is cancelled, when the reports about large German fleet movements in North Sea comes in. Instead the cruisers
10/4 Five British destroyers (2nd Flotilla, under Captain Warburton-Lee) attack the ten German destroyers in Narvik. Two British and two German destroyers sunk. Warburton-Lee, who died in the action, got the first Victoria Cross to be awarded in the war. 
13/4 A British naval force with battleship Warspite in the lead attacks Narvik and sinks the remaining German destroyers (2nd battle of Narvik).
14/4 Elements of Scots Guard battalion lands north of Narvik.
Marine detachment of 350 men lands in Namsos (operation Henry).
15/4 British 24th Brigade lands at Harstad northwest of Narvik.
16/4 First 1000 men of British 146th Brigade lands at Namsos.
17/4 The rest of British 146th Brigade lands at Namsos.
Marine detachment of 725 men lands at Åndalsnes (operation Primrose).
18/4 British 148th Brigade lands at Åndalsnes and Molde.
19/4 French mtn. brigade Chasseurs Alpins lands in Namsos.
21/4 British troops from 148th Brigade reach the front on both sides of lake Mjösa.
22/4 Battle of Balbergkamp, north of Lillehammer, at the southern end of Gudbrandsdal. The Germans break through the British defenses.
23/4 British 15th Brigade lands at Åndalsnes.
Battle at Tretten in Gudbrandsdal.
24/4 Battle at Tromsa in Gudbrandsdal.
Heavy bombardment of Narvik by British naval force. Planned subsequent landing by I/Irish Guards not carried out.
25/4 Chief of Staffs approves of planning for an evacuation of Allied troops from central Norway.
Battle at Kvam in Gudbrandsdal (first day).
26/4 Battle at Kvam in Gudbrandsdal (second day). The Kvam position falls.
27/4 Withdrawal from central Norway approved by the Military Co-ordination Committee. The order reaches General Carton de Wiart at Namsos during the night.
Battle at Kjörem in Gudbrandsdal.
28/4 General Paget in Gudbrandsdal gets the order for evacuation in the morning.
Battle at Otta in Gudbrandsdal.
2/5 Last British troops south of Trondheim evacuate through Åndalsnes on the night to 2/5.
German troops reach Åndalsnes shortly after the last troop transport has left.
3/5 Last Allied troops in Namsos area evacuated through Namsos on the night to 3/5.
6/5 French Foreign Legionnaires half brigade lands in Narvik area.
13/5 Mixed allied force takes Bjerkvik by amphibious assault. First allied use of landing crafts. 
31/5 Allied and Norwegian troops evacuates from Bodö. Last allied base south of Narvik.
3/6 Final order for evacuation of all Allied troops in Norway
4/6 Evacuation of Allied troops in Narvik area begins.
7/6 Norwegian King and Government leaves Norway for Britain.
British carrier Glorious is sunk by Scharnhorst.
9/6 Last Allied troops evacuates from Northern Norway.
All Norwegian troops in Northern Norway lay down their arms.