Main timeline

This table lists the main events in the struggle for Norway. A higher degree of detail may be found at Timelines for specific areas and subjects.

date description
14/12 39

Alfred Jodl, head of OKW, is ordered by Hitler to make plans for the occupation of Norway.

16/2 40 Altmark incident: British destroyer Cossack enters a Norwegian fjord and seizes the German ship Altmark.

Hitler decides that the attack (Weserübung) will start on the 9th of April, without any declaration of war.

8/4 British destroyers lays mines on Norwegian waters south of Narvik.
The Allied expeditionary force to Narvik embarks in Scottish ports.
9/4 Wesertag: German invasion of Norway. During the day German troops, transported by warships, lands at eight Norwegian cities and towns (Moss, Horten, Arendal, Kristiansand, Egersund, Bergen, Trondheim and Narvik). Airborne troops are landed at Fornebu outside Oslo and Sola outside Stavanger. These towns also falls before the day is over.
British expedition to Norway is cancelled.
10/4 Six British destroyers attack the ten German destroyers in Narvik.
11/4 First German convoy with reinforcements reach Oslo late in the evening, with I.D.163 and I.D.196.
12/4 Battle for Østfold (the part of Norway southeast of Oslo) begins.
13/4 IR3 at Kongsberg surrender without fight.
A British naval force, with battleship Warspite in the lead, attacks Narvik and sinks the remaining German destroyers.
14/4 Battle for Østfold ends when the Norwegian defenders retreats into Sweden.
German troops enter Hönefoss.
Battle at Strandlykkja begins. This Norwegian outpost will hold for three days.
First Allied units lands in Norway. Elements of Scots Guard battalion lands north of Narvik. Followed by the rest of 24th Brig next day at Harstad.
German paratroop assault against Dombås, along the main railway between Oslo and Trondheim. They will hold out until 18/4.
15/4 Norwegian troops north of Kristiansand surrenders without serious fight.
16/4 Allied units (British 146th Brigade) lands at Namsos, north of Trondheim.
Norwegian 4.Brigade in Voss, east of Bergen, begins transfer east, to join Norwegian units fighting north of Oslo. The last parts leaves 20/4.
17/4 German forces outflanks the Strandlykkja position by a march over lake Mjösa.
18/4 German troops enter Hamar.
Allied units (British 148th Brigade) lands at Åndalsnes, south of Trondheim.
Last unit of German paratroopers in Dombås surrenders.
19/4 German troops enter Elverum and Gjövik.
20/4 Battle of Lundehögda-Åsmark, south of Lillehammer, begins.
21/4 British troops from 148th Brigade reach the front on both sides of lake Mjösa.
The Germans breaks through the defenses at Lundehögda, and reach Lillehammer.
22/4 Battle of Balbergkamp, north of Lillehammer, at the southern end of Gudbrandsdal. The Germans break through the British defenses.
Steinkjer, north of Trondheim, falls to the Germans.
24/4 German troops reach Tynset in Österdal.
25/4 Battle at Kvam in Gudbrandsdal (first day).
26/4 Battle at Kvam in Gudbrandsdal (second day). The Kvam position falls.
27/4 The Allied decides to evacuate their forces north and south of Trondheim.
troops withdraws from the Tonsås area in Valdres, where the 4.Brig have fought a successful defensive battle for several days. From now the tired Norwegian troops in Valdres will be more or less continuously retreating.
28/4 Battle at Otta in Gudbrandsdal. The last battle of the British south of Trondheim.
The Norwegian position at Nåverdal, just south of Ulsberg, falls after three days of intensive battle.
29/4 Norwegian troops in Gausdal, under oberst Dahl, capitulates during the night to 30/4.
German troops from Tynset reach Ulsberg, south of Trondheim.
30/4 German troops advancing north from Oslo, over Tynset-Ulsberg, link up with the Germans in Trondheim.
Norwegian King and government leaves southern Norway.
1/5 Norwegian units in Valdres, under oberst Østbye, capitulates.
2/5 Last British troops south of Trondheim evacuate through Åndalsnes on the night to 2/5.
3/5 Last Allied troops in Namsos area evacuated through Namsos on the night to 3/5.
Formal surrender of Norwegian forces under general Hvinden Haug, south of Trondheim.
5/5 The Norwegian fort at Hegra, east of Trondheim, gives up, as the last unit in Southern Norway.
10/5 German troops, transported by sea and air, lands at Hemnesberget, near Mo.
18/5 German troops, advancing north from Trondheim, reach Mo.
28/5 Narvik retaken by Norwegian and French troops.
31/5 Allied and Norwegian troops evacuates from Bodö. The first Germans arrive the same day.
3/6 Final order for evacuation of all Allied troops in Norway
4/6 Operation Juno is launched: A strong German naval unit sails from Kiel with order to attack Allied shipping and installations in the Narvik area.
Evacuation of Allied troops in Narvik area begins.
7/6 Norwegian King and Government leaves Norway for Britain.
British carrier Glorious is sunk by Scharnhorst.
9/6 Last Allied troops evacuates from Northern Norway.
All Norwegian troops in Norway lay down their arms.