Orders from Norwegian HQs

This table lists orders from the higher Norwegian commands to their subordinate units during the first chaotic days.
It is still very

Observe that Norwegian time is used. To get German time add one hour.
Dates are given as [day #]/[month #], i e the 9th of April is 9/4.

date time from to order
9/4 btw 03:00
and 04:00
K.G. Government decision of Partial mobilisation (1st to 4th Brigade) is brought to K.G. Kristian Laake at General staff by defence minister Birger Ljungberg in person.
9/4 04:15 K.G. 2.Div Mobilisation order may be expected at 06:00
9/4 05:00 K.G. 2.Div All military offices shall be evacuated from Oslo
9/4 after 5:00 2.Div A.R.2 Move regimental office to Gardermoen
9/4 after 5:00 2.Div I.R.4 Move regimental office to Trandum
9/4 05:30 K.G. 2.Div II/IR5 shall be sent from Trandum to Oslo as quick as possible
9/4 05:30 2.Div II/I.R.5 Send a company on trucks to Linnerud, and let the rest of the battalion to follow by train
9/4 05:35 K.G. 2.Div Troops shall be sent to Oslo harbour, to repel landing attempts
9/4 05:45 K.G. 2.Div An attempt has been made to force Oscarsborg fortress. Parts of the crew from a sunken German warship has landed at Digerud, and must be prevented from reaching Oslo.
9/4 05:45 2.Div Garden Send two companies to Oslo harbour and one company to Digerud
9/4   2.Div military schools in Oslo Move to the officer schools to  mobilisation sites.
Cavalry school to Gardermoen
Cadett school to Terningmoen (Elverum)
Engineer school to Hvalsmoen (Hönefoss)
Artillery school to Gardermoen (except AA which reinforced Oslo AA-defence)
9/4 06:00 K.G. 2.Div Mobilise 2.Brig and the section command to the west of Oslofjord, using mobilisation alternative A (invasion over sea) and with motorised supply train.
9/4   2.Div I.R.4,5,6
Mobilise the field battalions.
9/4   2.Div D.R.2 Mobilise 2.hjulerytterkp. (bicycle company)
9/4 07:30 2.Div Gen. Inspect. of Cavalry Send the officer school of the cavalry to the south end of Bunnefjord to stop any enemy advance along the Moss-road toward Oslo.