Events in the Oslo area

Events in Oslo and the assault on Fornebu


Observe that Norwegian time is used. To get German time add one hour.
Dates are given as [day #]/[month #], i e the 9th of April is 9/4.

date time event position
8/4 23:23 The Admiral staff informs H.O.K (Army high command) that enemy naval forces of unknown nationality had attacked Oslofjord fortress.  
9/4 00:02 Oslo luftvernkommando (AA command) orders "Beredskap 3"  (highest alert) for all anti aircraft units in Oslo.  
9/4 00:15 First air raid alarm sound in Oslo (no enemy aircrafts turns up though).  
9/4 00:20 Black-out is ordered but not in effect until much later.  
9/4 00:45 The personnel at Fornebu are woken up. Dispersion of the aircrafts on the field is ordered.  
9/4 01:35 All clear sounds in Oslo  
9/4 02:00 The Personnel at Fornebu are sent back to bed. They are informed that the fighting in Oslofjord had been with German ships that had been driven into the fjord after a battle with superior British naval forces.  
9/4 04:05 The personnel at Fornebu are alerted again.  
9/4 04:10 Oslo luftvernkommando (AA command) orders "Beredskap 3"  (highest alert) for all anti aircraft units in Oslo again, and a few minutes later the air raid alarms sounds again. A black out is effectuated by turning off electric supply for the city.  
9/4 04:15 "Weserzeit" (invasion moment in the German planning)  
9/4 04:21 Oscarsborg fortress in inner Oslofjord opens fire on Blücher, which later sinks. Thus the German Naval force heading towards Oslo is turned back. They later land at Son, at the outer end of the straight leading to Oscarsborg.  
9/4 05:00 Daybreak. The black out is terminated. The heavy cloud cover breaks up a bit and sound of aircrafts can be heard. Two Gladiators are sent on a reconnaissance mission. The first air combat of the war occurs when an aircraft (probably a Do17 from Fernaufkl.G 120) is sighted and attacked. The aircraft manages to sneak away in the clouds though.  
9/4 05:00 Order from the Commanding General (supreme commander) to 2.Div that all military offices shall be evacuated from Oslo. From 05:00 to 06:00 H.O.K evacuates from Akershus to Slemdal hotel.  
9/4 05:30 Order from H.O.K to 2.Div to send II/IR5, on neutrality watch at Trandum, to Oslo as soon as possible.  
9/4 05:35 Order from H.O.K to 2.Div to send troops to Oslo harbour to fight back enemy landings. The division orders the Guards to send two companies, but the order is taken back when it is clear that the enemy was stopped at Oscarsborg.  
9/4 05:45 Order from H.O.K to 2.Div to stop enemy troops at Digerud that had come ashore after the sinking of the heavy cruiser Blücher there. The commander of the Royal Guard in Oslo is ordered by the Division HQ to send a company to Digerud, to disarm the troops.  
9/4 05:55 Three Gladiators at Fornebu are sent on a patrol mission over Oslofjord. They doesn't sight any aircrafts and return at 06:43.  
9/4 06:00 All clear sounds in Oslo.  
9/4 06:00 Mobilisation order from H.O.K to 2.Div.
Mobilise 2.Brig and sector command Oslofjord West according to alternative A (invasion over sea).
9/4 07:05 Five Gladiators on Fornebu (all available) are sent on patrol over inner Oslofjord.  
9/4 07:30 Air raid alarm sounds in Oslo.  
9/4 07:30 The cavalry school squadron (ca: 100 men) is ordered to the south end of Bunnefjord to block enemy advance from Digerud or Moss. At 11:30 they leave Oslo. 30 men with low training are sent to Gardermoen.  
9/4 07:35 Air combat begins between five Norwegian Gladiators from Fornebu and eight German Me110.
Two more Gladiators takes off after some fixes.
9/4 07:45 Planned time for the airborne assault of Fornebu.  
9/4 07:50 He111 from K.Gr.100 begins bombing of Kjeller airfield. The bombing continues for one hour.  
9/4 08:00 of II/I.R.5 depart from Trandum on trucks. The target is Oslo  
9/4 08:00 H.O.K decides to evacuate to Eidsvoll ladsgymnas (agricultural high school) 60 km NE Oslo. Around 11:00 the evacuation was finished.  
9/4 08:00 Air attacks on Fornebu by the Staffel of Me110 begins.  
9/4 08:20 First German plane lands at Fornebu. It is a Ju52. The six surviving Me110 and some more Ju52 lands shortly after.  
9/4 08:26 Oslo samlestasjon informs Garden (the Guard) that German aircrafts has landed at Fornebu, and asks Garden to send a company. 2.Gardeskp. is ordered to Fornebu.  
9/4 09:00 The AAmg platoon and other military personnel  at Fornebu withdraws. They drives past Germans at the exit of the field without any exchange of fire. The Norwegians withdraws to Lysaker.  
9/4 09:05 The Commander of the Guard is ordered by H.O.K (or 2.Div?) to force the Germans away from Fornebu, but to not risk his unit in case the Germans are to strong. In that case he would just block the approach to Oslo.  
9/4 09:10 2.Gardeskp. is ready to march, but the busses ordered for the transport doesn't arrive until 09:40.  
9/4 09:40 The busses ordered to transport the Guards company arrives to Majorstua and 2.Gardeskp. embarks. It drives not to Lysaker but to Övrevoll horse race track over Vinderen, Smestad, Röa and Grini.  
974 10:00 The rest of II/IR5 march from Trandum to the railroad station. The station is reached at 11:30. The train doesn't materialize until 15:00 though.  
9/4 10:30 The main force of the German air transports begin arriving at Fornebu, from Aalborg in Denmark.   
9/4 10:40 2.Gardeskp. begins the advance from Övrevoll toward Lysaker bridge (important position on the road from Fornebu toward Oslo) on foot.   
9/4 10:55 The personnel at Jägervingen in Lysaker withdraws as a German column approach along the road.  
9/4 11:20 2.Gardeskp. reaches Jar. The advance continues on both sides of Lysakerelva.  
9/4 11:35 The commander of of II/I.R.5 gets in contact with the commander of Garden at Sköyen.  
9/4 11:55 of 2.Gardeskp. advancing on eastern side of Lysakerelva reaches the railway bridge at Lysaker. A position is established and patrols sent out.   
9/4 12:00 The trucks that had carried kp.5 of II/IR5 returns to Trandum, and kp.7 (still waiting for the train) is sent to Oslo to try to get in contact with kp.5. They don't succeed in that though.  
9/4 12:15 Bombing of Akershus fortress by Ju87 Stuka. The bombing continues for 10 minutes.  
9/4 12:30 The first Germans from Fornebu arrives outside Akershus.  
9/4 12:45 German forces enters Akershus fortress, where the commander of Oslo garrision has his HQ.   
9/4 12:48 3. tr of 2.Gardeskp. advancing on western side of Lysakerelva finally reaches the vicinity of the railway bridge at Lysaker. They have the task to assault and retake the road bridge at Lysaker.  
9/4 12:50 The commander of Garden establishes his command post at Jar.  
9/4 13:05 of II/I.R.5 reaches 300m SE of road bridge at Jar. Here they will take a rest and then advance on the right flank of Garden.  
9/4 14:00 Commander of Oslo garrison, oberst Schnitler, signs the formal surrender of Oslo. Included in the surrender is among other units also Kjeller airfield.   
9/4 14:00 The main part of the 2.Fallschirmjaeger company arrives at Fornebu (i.e. the unit that should have assaulted the field in the morning).  
9/4 14:40 The commander of Oslo garrison orders Garden to break off the assault toward Fornebu and return to the barracks at Majorstua. of II/I.R.5 is ordered to return to Trandum.  
9/4 17:50 A British Short Sunderland on a reconnaissance mission over Oslo harbour is shot down by two Me110.  
10/4 08:30 German units occupies Kjeller airfield.