Events east of Oslofjord

This is a table of events east of Oslofjord (Östfold) between the 9/4 and 14/4.Given times might very well be wrong. They are however all taken from the best sources I have available. The position column gives the general area where the event occurred (if applicable). It is there to make it easier to follow a specific thread of events. 

date time end time event position
6/4     II/AR1 are set up as neutrality watch. They are stationed outside Fredrikstad. They are not equipped with sharp ammunition.  Ski
8/4 a.m.   Message from the General Staff about the observation of transports and warships passing Denmark heading north. Some security arrangements are made and the school of 1.Div is organised as a field company. Sharp ammunition are distributed.  Halden
9/4 00:XX   Message from Horten to the 1.Div at Halden that Oslofjord coastal fortress is in combat with foreign combat ships. The units within the district are alerted. "Skjerped beredskap" is ordered.  
9/4 02:05   Order to II/AR1 at Fredrikstad from Div.HQ to deploy concealed and spread out along the road northeast of Fredrikstad (anticipating air raids at daybreak), ready to march toward Fossumströket fortress at Mysen, and take command over the school of 2.Div which is in the Fredrikstad area. Fredrikstad
9/4 04:00   March orders from battalion commander to the batteries of II/AR1 are distributed. Batt.3 to Kleven (12km), Batt.4 to Kuröd (10km), Batt.5 to Pinneröd (9km), Combat supply train to Bisseröd (11km), 2.Div school to Visur (5km). Fredrikstad
9/4 04:30   II/AR1 leaves Fredrikstad. 2.Div school forms rear guard. Fredrikstad
9/4 ca: 4-5   Order from Chief of General Staff to Div.HQ by phone to mobilise "if possible". A written order was under work. Halden
9/4 morning   Commander of 1.Div (Gen. Erichsen) decides to order full and immediate mobilisation. This order is given to most units by phone.  Halden
9/4 06:00   About 200 Germans are landed at Moss. More units are landed at Son further north. Moss
9/4 07:15   First German aircrafts are spotted above Fredrikstad Fredrikstad
9/4 07:30   Written mobilisation order arrives from the General Staff. It does not specify full and immediate mobilisation. Instead only the field brigade (1.Brig) and Fossumströket fortress is to be mobilised. This includes I and II/IR1, II/IR2, II/IR3 and II/AR1. First day of mobilisation would be 11th April. The Division did not call back the order about immediate mobilisation it had given, but did send the order from the General Staff to the units it concerned. Thus they did get two orders. Halden
9/4 07:30   II/AR1 are ordered to continue their march toward Fossumströket fortress. The commander decides not to march during daytime. Fredrikstad
9/4 08:30   The staff of A.R.1 leaves Oslo for Ski, where their depots are located. Oslo
9/4 09:00   The staff of A.R.1 arrives at Ski. Work on mobilisation orders are commenced in accordance with the order from the General Staff and not the Division (see above). Ski
9/4 09:30   All batteries of II/AR1 have reached their initial targets, 9-12km NE Fredrikstad, and concealed themselves. Fredrikstad
9/4 a.m.   II/AR1 organizes an ammunition column of three trucks to get artillery ammunition from Ski. The road over Askim is selected to avoid Germans around Moss. Fredrikstad
9/4 a.m.   Reg.HQ of A.R.1 issues mobilisation order of I/AR1. 11/4 is specified as first day of mobilisation. II/AR1 in Fredrikstad has to divert officers for administrating the written mobilisation orders to different areas. Oslo
9/4 all day   The mobilisation depots of I.R.1 in Fredrikstad are evacuated. They are first supposed to be transported to Tunöy (the Sarpsborg area), but after a misstaken information about a German column advancing from Moss, the depots are instead relocated to the Hafslund and Borgenhaugen area, south of Sarpsborg.  Fredrikstad
9/4 p.m.   Order of march for II/AR1 for the coming night is issued by the battalion commander. The target is Gautestad south of Rakkestad (distance 25km). Fredrikstad
9/4 17:00   Report to A.R.1 at Ski about a large German unit in Vestby (10km south Ski). It is decided not to attempt a mobilisation at Ski. Instead as much of the material as possible will be evacuated. Ski
9/4 17:00   Report from bilkp.1 at Korsegården (near Ski) to A.R.1 that they have 70 men with almost no equipment at their depot (the depot is new and the equipment has not been delivered yet). They are ordered to Ski. Ski
9/4 18:00   The commander of A.R.1 decides not to attempt mobilisation at Ski, which might be attacked at any time. Instead the personnel available will evacuate as much of the depots as possible. Ski
9/4 18:00   The trucks with ammunition from Ski to II/AR1 returns to Ise.  
9/4 21:00   Report about German patrols at Holstad, 4 km south Ski. Ski
9/4 21:00   II/AR1 begin their night march to the Gautestad area. Fredrikstad
9/4 21 - 22   A.R.1 leaves Ski for Askim in a column with 25 trucks carrying among other stuff two 75mm field guns and 28 HMG. Together with the personnel from the bilkp.1, which stays a little longer, they are 110 men. Ski
9/4 24:00   The column from Ski (A.R.1) arrives at Askim.
The force of artillerymen is during the night organised into improvised infantry formations and a motorised half battery. The half battery has two 75mm field guns. They have the most essential equipment and 160 shells, but no communication equipment.
10/4 05:00   First defence is established at the Fossum bridge (one improvised MG-platoon of A.R.1) Askim
10/4 morning   I and II/IR1 begins their mobilisation  in the area Hafslund-Skjeberg (southeast Fredikstad). Fredrikstad
10/4 morning   Div.HQ orders extensive roadblocks to be established on the roads on the north front, east of lake Öyaren. north front
10/4 day   The half battery/AR1 is ordered to Kykkelsrud, but returns to Askim later during the day. Askim
10/4 13:30   General orders for II/AR1 for the coming night is issued from the battalion commander. March targets for the coming night are to be found and investigated and ammunition from the trucks should be distributed among the batteries. Rakkestad
10/4 19:30   Order of march for II/AR1 for the coming night is issued by the battalion commander. The targets are:
Batt.3 to Lekum and Foss
Batt.4 to Salmonröd
Batt.5 to Eidsberg parsonage
Combat supply train to Trömborg.
10/4 evening   Two patrols (10 men each) sent north toward Fetsund and Aurskog. north front
11/4 -   Reports about landing of large amounts of German troops in Oslo arrives at the Div.HQ during the day. From the reports the commander of 1.Div (Gen. Erichsen) estimates that 6-10000 men will be landed during the day and night. The overall strategy will thus be defensive. Reports also states that large amounts of troops are sent to Lilleström, at the north end of lake Öyaren. Mysen
11/4 -   First Germans appear at the Fetsund bridge. north front
11/4 morning   Company Orre is set up at Höytorp fort with personnel from 10.5cm gun battalion. Mysen
11/4 09:30   Comp. Orre sent to Trögstad church to cover the north front of 1.Div. north front
11/4 a.m.   Commander of 1.Div orders I.R.1 to send one infantry company and one machine gun company to Monakrysset (near Höitorp fort at Mysen) and report to the Div.HQ. Mysen
11/4 10:00   General orders for II/AR1 for the day is issued from the battalion commander. Positions for deployment of the batteries should be investigated:
Batt.3 in Askim area for support of the bridge defences at Glåma.
Batt.4 in the area Berg-Moen-Bakka
Batt.5 in the area Torkildsrud-Toverud-Vete
Batt.4 and 5 should support the defence of the bridges over Rakkestad and Lekumelva rivers.
The reason for the emphasis of the defence of the southern approaches was that the Div.HQ considered a German landing in the Fredrikstad-Halden area, with a following advance north as probable. 
11/4 11:00   HQ, AAplt., kp.1 and kp.4 of I/IR1 (commanded by Maj. Fröholm) departs toward Monakrysset by car. These units will hereafter be called I/IR1. Fredrikstad
11/4 day   The half battery/AR1 is placed under the command of the commander of Höytorp. The are placed north of Höytorp and strengthened with a MG-platoon from kp.4/IR1. Mysen
11/4 12:30   The Askim group HQ is moved from Askim middle school to villa Furuset 1km east of Askim station. Askim
11/4 13:30   I/IR1 arrives at Monakrysset. They are given a half-battery from A.R.1 (2x75mm guns) and are grouped in the area Laslet, Jörntvedt, Ultvedt, Langsrud (between Mysen and Trögstad). Mysen
11/4 p.m.   German north column reach Enebakk (Tangenbrua), according to message from local police representative there to Maj. Refsum.  west of Glåma
11/4 evening   At a meeting with the Division commander, I/IR1 is ordered north to the Fetsund-Blaker area, to demolish the bridges over Glåma in the area. The order is later withdrawn as the battalion commander claims that the troops are too exhausted. Neither are explosives found in enough quantities. Mysen
11/4 20:15   New orders for the deployment of II/AR1 are given, as it has become clear during the day that the German attack will come from west and probably already next morning.
All of II/AR1 will be to the disposition by the Askim group (the unit responsible for the defence of the Glåma river line in the Askim area). The commander of the Askim group ordered the following deployment.
Two batteries should be positioned to be able to support Bridge groups 2, 3 and 4 (Langenes, Fossum and Kykkelrud) and one battery to support bridge group 5 at Vamma. Battalion HQ at Höiendal.
11/4 24:00   The Fossum-group is reinforced with 4 off. and 60 men with 4 HMG. Askim
11-12/4 night   Kp.2 and kp.3 of I/IR1 arrives at Slitu, by train and car, and is given lodging at Näringsrud. The whole I/IR1 is now assembled in this area. Mysen
11-12/4 night   II/IR1 arrives at Slitu and is given lodging at Öierud,  Näringsrud and Gislingrud (at the Askim-Mysen road). One company (kp.5) is already detached to Rakkestad though. Mysen
12/4 -   Gutsche detachment is formed in Lilleström by units from IR340. It is a motorised column with 300 men under cpt. Gutsche. It is ordered to advance toward Mysen on the east side of lake Öyaren. north front
12/4 ?   The half battery/AR1 is placed under the command of II/AR1. They deploy 300m south Gurud farm but are later withdrawn. No shells are fired. Askim
12/4 02:00   Gen. Engelbrecht informs Gen. Pellengahr that he has got new orders. He shall take Östfold (the area east of Oslofjord) to stop Norwegian mobilization and secure the German flank.[2] Oslo
12/4 02:00   Batt.5 II/AR1 (12cm how) in position near Askim church (Kirkehögda). Target area Langenes-Fossum-Kykkelsrud. The ammunition holds are 198 shells (159 granatkard. and 39 granater) Askim
12/4 04:30   Batt.3 II/AR1 in position at the western outskirts of Askim (separated into two half batteries). Target area Langenes-Fossum-Kykkelsrud. Askim
12/4 04:40   Batt.4 II/AR1 in position at Skole. Target area Kykkelsrud-Vamma Askim
12/4 early morning   II/AR1 HQ at Höiendal
Combat supply train at Tömmerås
Spotters at Torkildsrud (Vamma), Romsåsen (Kykkelsrud) and Tangen (Fossum).
Communications within the battalion through field phones. Communications with the bridge groups through the permanent net and to the Askim group HQ through both field phones and permanent net.
12/4 06:40   Report to Div.HQ about 15 trucks and busses passing Holstad, heading south.  
12/4 ca:7   Report to the Fossum group from post at Spydeberg that 11 busses with Germans are passing, heading for Fossum. Askim
12/4 ca: 7   One or two busses with German soldiers arrives at the Fossum bridge. They are ambushed by the Norwegian machineguns and gets heavy losses.**  Askim
12/4 08:00   Report to Div.HQ from Hoböl (?) that a motorised column is heading for Fossum. Askim
12/4 08:34   Batt.3/AR1 at Askim fires 39 shells against the western end of the Fossum bridge. 75 shells (granatkard.) are received from the holds of the Askim detachment. Askim
12/4 09:00   I/I.R.1, under Maj. Fröholm, is ordered to detach kp.1 and kp.4 to reinforce the Askim detachment. Kp.4 is a reinforced MG company with 5 platoons of altogether 15 HMG. The detachment came to be known as "Group Gleditsch". Askim
12/4 09:00   Batt.4/AR1 at Skole, Hauger, makes ranging fire against Kykkelsrud.
Barrages are prepared for two alternatives long the road Fossum-Askim.
12/4 09:15   Batt.5/AR1 at Askim church makes ranging fire against Fossum bridge. The fire is targeted by the observer of Batt.3 at Tangen. Ranging is finished by 09:40. Askim
12/4 ca:9   I/I.R.1 except Group Gleditsch is ordered to secure the area between Solbergfoss and the south end of lake Öyaren. Askim
12/4 ca:9   Organisation of an improvised third infantry battalion of I.R.1, under cpt. A.T.Sunde, is ordered (III/IR1). It shall be organised in the farms around Slitu railway station, using the school of 2.Div as nucleus. Mysen
12/4 09:40   Gleditsch reports to Major Refsum in Askim and is ordered to stand as reserve at the Kykkelsrud road-cross. Ready to reinforce the defence at Kykkelsrud, Fossum or Langenes. Askim
12/4 ca:10   II/IR1 is ordered to Askim to reinforce the Askim detachment. II/IR1 has two inf.comp. and one MG-comp. Mysen
12/4 ca:10   Intensive fire from the German side. Attempts to cross the river are reported.**  Askim
12/4 ca:10?   Report from the Fossum group that the enemy has crossed the river south of the Fossum bridge (between Fossum and Kykkelsrud). Askim
12/4 10:30   Obst.leut. Haneborg (II/IR1), reports to Maj. Refsum in Askim. Haneborg is ordered to take command over group Gleditsch and the Fossum group and clear the eastern side of the river from Germans. Artillery support could be arranged over the local telephone net. Askim
12/4 10-11   Maj. Refsum arranges that the dam at Solbergfoss lets out the water to break up the ice in the river. Askim
12/4 11:00   Batt.5/AR1 at Askim church fires five shells against enemy machine gun positions at Fossum bridge. Askim
12/4 ca:11   Kp.1 of Group Gleditsch is ordered to drive back the Germans that are reported to have crossed the river south of Fossum. The company gets lost in the forest north (!) of the bridge and doesn't report back until late in the evening. Askim
12/4 14:14   Batt.5/AR1 at Askim church fires against enemy vehicles on the road north and west Fossum. Askim
12/4 14:58   II/IR1 reports that it has reached the eastern side of the river without encountering any Germans. Askim
12/4 15:15*   Maj. Maetschke reports that he has managed to gather vehicles to motorise his column. [2] Oslo
12/4 16:00   The Germans attempts to cross the river at Kykkelsrud but are beaten back by bridge group 4. Askim
12/4 ca:16 or 17   Intensive German fire against the Fossum group. Attempts to cross the river are reported.** Askim
12/4 16:55   Batt.5/AR1 at Askim church fires against the road at Fossum from 16:55 to 17:14 on request by the bridge defence. Askim
12/4 17:30   Order from Div.commander that the "center group" (II/IR1 and group Gleditsch) shall be ready as mobile reserve in the Askim area. Askim
12/4 17:40   Kp.1 of Group Gleditsch appears at the north flank of the Fossum group. Askim
12/4 18:00   Batt.4/AR1 at Skole fires against Fossum. 4 shells for ranging and 34 for effect. Rifle fire against the battery is reported, and infantry for protection is requested. Askim
12/4 evening   Detachment Gutsche drives south on the east side of lake Öyaren. At Fjeldsrud it turns east. north front
12/4 21:45   Message from Div.commander to Askim detachment that a strong German column has crossed lake Öyaren (on the ice), and that II/IR1 should be ready to march. They are ordered to Trögstad probable half an hour later. Askim
12/4 22:00   Kp.1 of Group Gleditsch reports back, tired to death after 12 hours in deep snow. Askim
12/4 22:30   The 10.5cm half-battery takes position at Lekumelva. Mysen
12/4 23:00   The half battery/AR1 are deployed at Gurud, south of the road. Askim
13/4 01:00*   A platoon of kp.7 of II/IR362 crosses the Fossum bridge. [2] Askim
13/4 01:30*   Maj. Wilck (commander II/IR362) crosses the Fossum bridge. [2] Askim
13/4 02:00   II/IR1(under Maj. Haneborg) deploys in the Trögstad area. Trögstad
13/4 ca:2   Intensive German fire against the Fossum group**. Askim
13/4 02:30   Command post of I/IR1(under Maj. Fröholm) established at Örje) Örje
13/4 03:00*   The rest of kp.7 and a MG-platoon crosses the Fossum bridge. [2] Askim
13/4 03:00   The column under Maj. Maetschke enter Fredrikstad. [2] Fredrikstad
13/4 ca:3   Bridge group 5 at Vamma (3 off, 56 men, 2 HMG) is ordered to advance north toward Askim, to attack Germans advancing from Fossum in the flank. They do so, but when reaching batt.4/AR1 at Hauger they are instead ordered to act as infantry protection for the battery. Askim
13/4 03:30   Batt.3/AR1 at Askim is informed about the German advance and half the battery, with a more advanced position, is withdrawn to Lökengårdene south of Askim. Askim
13/4 03:30   Batt.4/AR1 at Skole is informed about the German advance and are ordered to retreat. They request permission to stay, and it is granted. Askim
13/4 03:30   Batt.5/AR1 at Askim church is informed about the German advance and are ordered to retreat over Askim - Korsegården to Tömmerås. Askim
13/4 04:15   Batt.5/AR1 leaves Askim church. Askim
13/4 04:30   Batt.4/AR1 at Skole fires barrage against the road Fossum-Askim. Range 3400m. Slow fire with 50m jump. 150 shells fired. Askim
13/4 04:55   Batt.5/AR1 at Askim church, is ordered to find a position between Sekkelstein and Tömmerås.
(OBS, the same event as 03:30 but another time given - possibly a clarification of the first order, given when the battery passed the HQ in Askim)
13/4 05:15   Batt.4/AR1 at Skole gets infantry protection from the Vamma bridge group. Later a platoon is received from the reserve group of the Askim detachment as well. Askim
13/4 05:15   Batt.5/AR1 arrives at Tömmerås. Askim
13/4 05:15   Bridge group 1 at Solbergfoss is reinforced with 3 off and 60 men Askim
13/4 05:30*   Jagdkommando Manthey crosses the Fossum bridge. [2] Askim
13/4 05:35   kp.3 and 4 of III/IR1 (organising around Slitu) are ordered to Berger, northeast of Askim. kp3 and 4 are line units. The rest of the battalion are local defence units. The battalion are therefore subsequently called local defence battalion (Lv.bat./IR1). Mysen


  Group Gleditsch, positioned about 1.5km west Askim, comes into firefight with advancing German troops. Askim
13/4 06:15   Batt.5/AR1 at Tömmerås is ordered to deploy. Askim
13/4 morning   Batt.4/AR1 at Skole fires at enemy positions around Romsås-Krokås during the morning. Observation is done by cpt. Gleditsch. Probably the fire that hit the Norwegian at 6.30 is fired by Batt.4.
Later an enemy command post is sighted at Rom skole. Fire against it (brisantgranat) and then at infantry in the terrain (granatkard.). This 
The battery is also hit by enemy artillery. No losses.
13/4 06:30   A counterattack by on the right flank of group Gleditsch, against Skole is ordered by cpt. Gleditsch.
It's unclear when the attack is done, but it was thrown back by the fire from German Machine guns.
13/4 06:15   Batt.5/AR1 at Tömmerås is ready in position 300m north Sekkelstein. Askim
13/4 06:45   Batt.5/AR1 sends a radio equipped spotter team to the battalion commander at Höiendal. Askim
13/4 ca: 7   kp.3 and 4 of III/IR1 arrives at Berger, northeast of Askim. kp.3 is ordered to N.Hov to protect a machine gun platoon there, while kp.4 (weak machine gun company) takes position at Berger (2HMG) and at heights northeast of Askim (2HMG). Askim
13/4 ca: 7   From around 07:00 batt.3/AR1 at Askim fires at enemy positions around Rom and Skole. This continues over the morning. 50 grenades are received from the holdings of II/AR1. Askim
13/4 07:00*   The column under Maj. Maetschke leaves Fredrikstad, heading for Sarpsborg. 19 men on bicycles crosses the river, to advance south of it. Fredrikstad
13/4 07:30   The half battery/AR1 at Gurud fires 50 shells (granatkardesh) against infantry platoon at Rom skole. Askim
13/4 07:30   Batt.5/AR1 at Tömmerås ready to fire. No requests are made though. Askim
13/4 07:55   Lv.bat./IR1 at Slitu is ordered to be ready to march. Mysen
13/4 08:00   German detachment Gutsche reach Sletner farm after a night of clearing extensive roadblocks. Gutsche decides to turn back and take the road over Båstad insted (following lake Öyaren). north front
13/4 09:00*   Maj. Wilck establishes a command post two km west of Askim. [2] (this should be the one taken under fire by batt.4/AR1) Askim
13/4 09:25   Air alarm at Batt.4/AR1. Askim
13/4 late morning   Batt.4/AR1 fires at prepared fire zones and by observation from Cpt. Gleditsch. Askim
13/4 a.m   kp.1 of group Gleditsch counterattacks against German forces in the area of Rom and Skole. They are however driven back by machinegun fire. Then they are ordered to hold a defensive position. Own artillery support hits them though, and they retreats in disorder to northeast. The artillery support could possibly be the one against Rud at 11:00 (I must admit I haven't been able to locate Rud), or fire by Batt.4 after the German attack at 12:00. The later makes more sense, though it is unclear in [1] whether Batt.4 fired at that time. Askim
13/4 11:00   The half battery/AR1 at Gurud fires 40 shells (granatkard.) against Germans at the farm Rud Askim
13/4 12:00   Bridge group 4 at Kykkelsrud withdraws to southeast, following a route further south than the route of retreat specified by higher command, thereby opening the left flank of group Gleditsch. Askim
13/4 12:00   The Germans attacks out of the bridgehead at Fossum bridge. Askim
13/4 12:00   Batt.4/AR1 possibly fires defensive fire directed by Cpt. Gleditsch. [1 s.216] Askim
13/4 12:25   Air alarm at Batt.4/AR1 at Skole. The battery is sighted. The battery gets a new grouping area at Sekkelstein (either due to fear of air attack, or due to the German advance). They don't leave until 14:00 though. Askim
13/4 12:30   Germans advance over the Skjolden farms from south west. Askim
13/4 12:30   The half battery/AR1 at Gurud is withdrawn due to the enemy presence at Skjolden. The attached MG-platoon stays. Askim
13/4 12:30   The western half of batt.3/AR1 is taken under fire by an enemy gun. It continues for some time (30-40 shells during 2 (?) hours) and a reported enemy gun position at Skjolden is taken under fire. Askim
13/4 12:40   The commander of the Askim detachment decides to retreat. One group to Sekkelstein 3 km east Askim on the road to Mysen, and one group to Korsegården, on the same distance on the road to Trögstad. His HQ moves to Gislingrud. The retreat is not done immediately though. It seems that it is done around 15. Askim
13/4 13:00   Batt.5/AR1 at Tömmerås is ordered by Maj. Refsum to retreat to Gislingrud. Askim
13/4 13:00   Commander 1.Div orders creation of a defensive line anchored at Höitorp fort.   Mysen
13/4 14:00   Batt.4/AR1 at Hauger leaves for Sekkelstein. When approaching Sekkelstein the area is under air attack, and a new position south of Lekumelva river is given. Askim
13/4 14:10   Lv.bat./IR1 is ordered to take position in the line between the fortifications. Mysen
13/4 14:30   Batt.5/AR1 arrives at Gislingrud. Radio equipped spotter patrol sent out. Askim
13/4 14:45   Telephone lines laid between Batt.5/AR1 and the command post of Maj. Refsum at Gislingrud. Askim
13/4 15:00   Batt.5/AR1 ready to fire. The radio patrol couldn't get through and no requests arrive.
Enemy aircrafts over the battery are taken under fire by the AAMG.
13/4 15:30   The Germans under Maj. Wilck. enter Askim [2] Askim
13/4 16:00   Batt.3/AR1 withdraws from Askim toward Mysen. 
(this seems very late as Askim should have been controlled by the Germans for half an hour by then - either the time is wrong or the battery had already made a shorter withdrawal)
13/4 16:30   Batt.5/AR1 is ordered to retreat to Skifterudengen.. Askim
13/4 17:30   German detachment Gutsche reach the roadblock at S. Hov defended by company Orre (north of Trögstad fort). A two hour firefight follows. Trögstad
13/4 17:30   Batt.4/AR1 arrives to the area Uldal - Haga - Falkenborg, with the assigned target area Sulerud - Fusk - Sekkelstein. Mysen
13/4 18:00   Batt.3/AR1 arrives at the crossroad at Momarka (Monakrysset), near Höitorp fort. Here it is ordered by the commander of II/AR1 to go into position west of Gislingrud, together with batt.5. Later it had to withdraw to Härland, east of Mysen, without having fired from the Gislingrud position. Mysen
13/4 18:20   Batt.4/AR1 is ordered to Härland church. Mysen
13/4 18:30   Batt.5/AR1 arrives at Härland church. Mysen
13/4 19:00   The Germans under Maj. Maetschke enter Fredriksten in Halden. [2] Halden
13/4 19:00   At a Norwegian staff meeting the commander of 1.Div decides to withdraw to a line along the lakes around Örje. Mysen
13/4 20:00   The firefight between cmp.Orre and det.Gutsche ends when the dark falls and Gutsche decides to retreat as he is afraid to be outflanked and cut off. The detachment returns to Fetsund, where he is promptly relieved of his command. Trögstad.
13/4 21:00   The Germans under Maj. Wilck reach Monakrysset (roadcrossing north Mysen). Mysen
13/4 22:00   The Germans under Maj. Wilck enter Mysen. [2] Mysen
13/4 23:00   Batt.5/AR1 leaves Härland for Örje. Askim
14/4 04:00   The retreating Norwegians at Örje are taken under fire. Probably by mistake from nervous Norwegians. Örje
14/4 08:27   German attack on Höitorp fort begins. Mysen
14/4 14:16   Höitorp fort surrenders to the Germans. They had one dead (friendly fire) but many nervous breakdowns. Mysen
14/4 20:00   At a staff meeting it is agreed on that the Norwegian troops are demoralized and unfit for combat. The Germans has so far not pursued the retreating Norwegians, but the commander (Erichsen) nevertheless decides to withdraw the whole force into Sweden. Örje
* Until the 13th of April the Germans used German time, which was one hour after Norwegian time. Thus I have added one hour to times originating from German sources. These are marked with an "*" as I can't be sure that this correction haven't already been made in my sources, or directly by the Germans in their diaries etc. 
** From later interviews with Norwegian soldiers. Especially the times given may be wrong.


When nothing else is stated the source is Krigen i Norge, Operationerna i Östfold.

[1]  Krigen i Norge, Operationerna i Östfold.
[2]  Vi dro mot Nord, Sven T Arneberg and Kristian Hosar.