Body-plan for the "rundgatting"

The boat measures: length 4,5 m, width 1,54 m. It is built in oak and pine. Stem, stern, keel, and frames in oak, planking in pine with the top plank in oak. Mast, sprit and oars are made of spruce. As all traditional nordic working boats the "rundgatting" is clinker built. The frames and planks are coppernailed. The planks are screwed to the keel and stems with stainless screws. Stockholm tar and a lot of linseed oil is used to impregnate the wood The sails are sewn by hand in cotton sailcloth. We also make fittings, stainless bolts and other ironwork.


The boat is a replica of a "rundgatting" built in 1909 by Knut Bengtsson
in Hallevik, Blekinge, Sweden. The original boat was built as early
as 1909. The the hull was not shaped to fit an engine.
Hopefully, it will have good qualities for sailing and rowing.

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