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Viola da Gambaföreningen/Viola da gamba society of Sweden


The Viola da gamba-föreningen is a newly formed society with the aim of building and sustaining a network between people interested in the viola da gamba and the music written for it. Amongst other things, the society wants to help organise playing situations, promote new music for the viol, give information about concerts and courses, and also to act as a forum at which viol topics can be discussed.
Our membership comprises of 90 members from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Amongst them are professional players, amateurs, viol makers, bow makers and those who simply love the instrument’s sound.

Everyone is welcome!!

Vdgf representatives outside of Sweden:

Danmark Patience Balslev, Egebjergvej 106, 2750 Ballerup
Finland Antti Linkola, tel. +358-50-5454 483
Norge Andreas Johnson, Kåres vei 6 N-1185 Oslo
tel +47 2274 7465, +47 975 920 27 email:

The annual membership fee (calendar year) is: 125 SEK.

Fill in your details on the form print out and send to Angela Johansson Skidbacksvägen 4, 133 36 Saltsjöbaden, e-mail Membership fee should be paid into
postgiro 623 90 77-8.

Membership is valid from the time of payment.